Sodalite Meaning and Uses (guide)

Sodalite, discovered in Greenland in 1811, caught the eye of Princess Margaret of England during her visit to Bancroft, Canada, earning it the nickname “Princess Blue.” Chosen to decorate the Marlborough House, sodalite’s name hints at friendship, symbolizing peace, healing, and resolution for its bearers. While it’s primarily known for its vivid blue hue, sodalite can also appear in shades of yellow, green, gray, or pink, often speckled with white.

At first glance, one might confuse sodalite with the more famous Lapis Lazuli, due to their similar blue and white colors. However, sodalite is distinguished by its royal blue shade and lack of pyrite flecks found in Lapis Lazuli. It’s affectionately termed “poor man’s Lapis” for its affordability and similarity to the more expensive stone. Sodalite’s vibrations are believed to enhance psychic abilities and intuition, offering a spectrum of colors including blue-grey, yellow, red, and green, alongside its base blue color.

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As part of the Feldspathoid mineral group, sodalite thrives in environments rich in alkali but low in silica. It forms deep within the Earth, often in igneous rocks, and can be polished to a high shine, making it a popular choice for jewelry. Sodalite’s royal blue elegance makes it a favorite among public speakers for its ability to foster philosophical understanding and communication skills. It’s celebrated as the “Poet’s Stone” for its natural ability to inspire and clarify thought, encouraging positive thinking and creativity.

In today’s guide, let’s explore sodalite in detail.

Sodalite crystal meaning

Stronger relationships:  Sodalite is said to help people get along better and feel more connected. It makes it easier for people to talk openly and honestly with each other, which helps make relationships stronger. Giving sodalite as a gift to someone you care about, for example, may help heal emotions and make your bond with them stronger. It is especially helpful for couples because it encourages trust and harmony.

Feeling better:  This stone also has the power to make you feel better in your mind, body, and soul. It helps you feel balanced, calm, and peaceful. Wearing it may take away feelings of anxiety and stress, making you feel more relaxed and at peace. It helps you like yourself more, believe in yourself, and listen to your own wisdom.

Being true to yourself:  The meaning of sodalite is all about being true, being yourself, and sharing your thoughts and feelings. It helps you say what you really think and feel in a clear and confident way. Sodalite makes it easier to be yourself, share your true thoughts and feelings without being afraid, and helps you discover who you really are so you can live a true and genuine life.

Creativity and clearer thinking:  This stone is said to spark creativity and clear thinking, making it perfect for writers and artists. It’s known to boost focus, inspire new ideas, and help express thoughts clearly. Sodalite can also protect your creative ideas from being copied by others.

Encourages teamwork:  Sodalite encourages teamwork and understanding among groups of people. It helps build self-confidence and trust in others. This stone is especially comforting for those afraid of flying, as it can lessen fear.

What does sodalite do spiritually?

A clearer understanding of the world:  Sodalite is also great for helping you understand things better and grow spiritually. It works with parts of your mind and throat to make communicating clearer and improve your ability to understand things without being told. It helps you connect with a deeper part of yourself and the world around you, making meditation better and helping you learn from your spiritual guides.

What zodiac is sodalite good for?

Sodalite is often the go-to stone for those born under the Sagittarius zodiac sign.

People with this sign are naturally truthful and love adventures, but they can also find themselves in tricky situations due to their directness. This stone helps Sagittarians share their truth in a kinder way, making sure their honesty doesn’t unintentionally hurt anyone.

Sagittarians love to think deeply and often lean more on logic than emotions. While being thoughtful is great, understanding and expressing feelings is important too. Sodalite can help mix in some empathy with their logic, making decisions that are not just smart but also considerate.

Although Sagittarians have a fiery spirit, sodalite, a stone connected with water and air elements, brings a calming balance. It’s not about putting out their fire but helping them manage their intensity with a cool head.

Sodalite chakra association

Sodalite is closely linked to two special energy centers in our body called chakras: the Third Eye chakra and the Throat Chakra. These chakras are located from the middle of the forehead down to the neck and they play a big role in how we think and feel.

The Third Eye chakra is all about our ability to think clearly and use our intuition. It helps get rid of any distractions or unnecessary thoughts that cloud our minds. This chakra is great for anyone who wants to stay focused on their goals and handle situations that might seem tough.

On the other hand, the Throat chakra deals with our emotions. Positioned close to the heart, it influences our feelings. This chakra is really good at calming down emotions like anger, frustration, doubt, and jealousy. It also helps when we’re feeling hurt and can improve our heart and blood flow. When these chakras are not balanced, people might become too sensitive to what others say or put others down to feel better about themselves.

Together, these chakras help open up our connection to a broader spiritual world, allowing feelings like compassion, kindness, peace, truth, and love to flow through us and be shared with others.

Sodalite uses

Jewelry:  Wearing sodalite jewelry is special because it helps you feel better and more connected to yourself. It can help you speak and express yourself better, especially if you wear it near your neck. Also, sodalite earrings or rings may help you listen to your inner voice and trust your gut feeling. Wearing this stone is said to help  you grow personally and spiritually.

Your Home:  Having sodalite inside of your home may make your living space more peaceful and balanced. Putting sodalite in places you see often can help you feel calmer and think more clearly. Using sodalite as bookends or in other decorations, for example, makes your home feel more inviting and filled with good energy. It’s also great for making your meditation or special quiet spaces feel more connected and peaceful.

Work:  At work, sodalite may help you focus better, be more creative, and communicate more clearly. Keeping a sodalite stone on your desk, for instance, can make you feel less stressed and think clearer. Also, wearing sodalite jewelry at work can also make it easier to share your ideas and work well with others. It creates a better working environment for everyone.  Placing sodalite near computers can protect you from their negative effects and reduce electromagnetic pollution, too.

Meditation:  Using it during meditation can help you connect more deeply with yourself and your spiritual side. Holding a sodalite stone or placing it near your forehead during meditation may improve your insight and intuition. As noted prior, it’s said to help calm your thoughts so you can have a deeper and more meaningful meditation experience. This can lead you to understand yourself better and explore higher levels of awareness.

Where does sodalite come from?

The most well-known sources of sodalite include Brazil, Canada, Namibia, and India. Each of these places has its own unique version of sodalite, which can vary slightly in color and pattern, but they all share common characteristics.

Canada, especially, is famous for its sodalite. The largest deposit was discovered in Ontario, and it’s so significant that one type of sodalite from this area is nicknamed “Princess Blue” after the enthusiasm of Princess Margaret for this stone during a visit to Canada. This particular Canadian sodalite is known for its bright, rich blue color that’s often flecked with white calcite, giving it a striking appearance.

In Brazil, Namibia, and India, sodalite is also mined, but the characteristics of the stone can differ. For example, the shades of blue may vary, and the patterns within the stone can be different, making each piece unique.

Sodalite price

When it comes to buying sodalite, the price can vary based on a few factors like quality, size, and where you’re purchasing it from.

Generally, smaller pieces of sodalite, such as those you might use for jewelry or carry in your pocket, are quite affordable. You can find these smaller stones for just a few dollars each.

For larger pieces, such as those you might want as a statement piece in your home, prices go up. These can range anywhere from $20 to well over $100, depending on how big and how visually appealing the piece is. The more intense the blue color and the more unique the pattern, the higher the price tends to be.

If you’re looking at sodalite jewelry, the price will also factor in the craftsmanship and the type of metal used. A simple sodalite ring might cost around $20, but more intricate designs or those paired with precious metals like silver can go up to $100 or more.

Sodalite is pretty accessible pricewise, whether you’re looking for a small, personal stone or something larger to decorate your space. Just remember, the bigger and more eye-catching the piece, the higher the price.  Use these as estimates only.

Is sodalite toxic?

The good news is, sodalite is generally considered safe for most uses. This includes having it as jewelry, like necklaces and bracelets, or keeping it around your home as a decorative piece.

However, it’s wise to remember that, like many stones, sodalite should not be ingested. So, if you’re into making gemstone-infused water, known as elixirs, it’s best to avoid using sodalite. This is because when stones are placed in water, there’s a chance they can release harmful substances. While sodalite itself isn’t toxic to touch, it’s always a good idea to wash your hands after handling any kind of mineral or stone, just to be safe.

In summary, enjoy your sodalite in jewelry or as a decoration without worry, but keep it out of your water and away from your mouth.

Charging and cleansing

When you get a sodalite stone, it’s a good idea to clean and energize it. This gets rid of any unwanted energy it might have picked up before reaching you.

Let’s talk about the ways you can charge and cleanse your sodalite crystal.

Salt:  Using salt is a common method for cleaning crystals. Just fill a container with sea salt and put your stones on top of the salt. Then, cover it up with a cloth and leave it for a day or two. After that, take the stones out gently and wipe off any salt with a soft cloth. Remember to throw away the used salt.

Smuding:  Smudging is another way to clean your stones by using smoke to clear away negative vibes. Make sure to open a window if you’re doing this inside. Light some sage, let it smoke, and wave your stone in the smoke for about a minute. Use something safe to catch any ashes.

Sound:  If you have a lot of stones or big ones, sound might be a great way to clean them all at once. Things like Tibetan bells, a singing bowl, or tuning forks can create sound waves that help refresh your stones. Do this for around 10 minutes.

Visualization:  Visualization is also a powerful technique. First, calm yourself and stand firm, then hold your stone and imagine a bright light filling your hands. Picture this light cleaning the stone and filling it with good energy. You should feel the stone’s energy become positive.

After you’ve cleaned and charged your sodalite, put it somewhere safe where it won’t get bumped or moved around.

NOTE:  It’s important to remember not to clean sodalite with water, as it’s not the best method for this type of stone.

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