Where Is Amethyst Found? (a simple list)

Amethyst, a purple variety of quartz, is found throughout the world and is considered to be the rarest member of the quartz family.  There are many amethyst mines found throughout the world.  In fact, there are so many places, it’s hard to keep track.

In today’s guide, let’s explore the many mines in the world where amethyst is mined as well as what kind of colors they produce.

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NOTE:  These are where mines are found, however, almost all are NOT open to the public unless noted.  Almost all of these areas are restricted and permits are required to even mine.  This is solely an educational resource to show you where amethyst often comes from in the world.  For more information, research the mine’s name to see if tours are available.

Where is amethyst found in Australia?

Australia is home to many wonderful amethyst mining areas, including:

Four Mile Creek, Victoria:  This area is quite possibly the most popular area for mining.  Amethyst ranges in color, from a pale purple to a medium tone.

Harts Range, Northern Territory:  The Harts Rang is another location where you can often find amethyst, usually in a medium tone.

Mount Hay, Queensland:  Mount Hay can often produce deep purple amethyst geodes.

Amethyst Gully, Tasmania:  Amethyst is often found in this region, usually in a lighter purple color.

Where is amethyst found in Brazil?

All throughout Brazil, amethyst is found almost anywhere, however, there are significant deposits, mainly located in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.  Out of all of the countries mentioned, Brazil is one of the significant producers.

Here are a few deposits to be aware of in Brazil:

Ametista do Sul:  This city is known as the “land of amethyst” and is located in the northwest region of Rio Grande do Sul.  They are so well known for their amethyst that they hold an annual amethyst fair.

Frederico Westphalen:  This area/mine is located in the northeast region of Rio Grande do Sul.

Maraba:  This area/mine is also located in the northeast region of Rio Grande do Sul.

Soledade:  A city that’s also located in the northeast region of Rio Grande do Sul, also host to an annual gem fair, which highlights some of the local amethyst findings.

Where is amethyst found in Canada?

Canada is a highly popular area for amethyst mining deposits, some of which allow you to mine yourself.  Some popular mines include:

Artillery Lake:  Some amethyst deposits have been found in the Artillery Lake area, which is located in the northwestern part of Canada.  It isn’t as popular but some deposits can be found here.

Bancroft, Ontario:  Ontario is known for a few mines, including this location.  This is a lighter colored amethyst found within the veins of metamorphic rocks.

Nova Scotia:  Several locations, including the Bay of Fundy and Cape Breton Highlands, can produce great looking amethyst.

Thunder Bay, Ontario:  One of the most well-known locations, often producing a very dark colored crystal.  Deposits are found within the basaltic rocks, and this mine is the largest amethyst mine in all of North America.

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Where is amethyst found in India?

India is also home to multiple amethyst deposits, which include mining areas such as:

Andhra Pradesh:  Andhra Pradesh is found in the Vishakhapatnam and Kurnool districts, where you can find some smaller mining deposits.

Karnataka:  Amethyst is found here, mainly in the Bellary and Chitradurga districts.

Maharashtra:  An area found in the Nasik District.  Most of the amethyst here is pale to medium in color.

Rajasthan:  Some amethyst is found in Rajasthan, mostly in the Udaipur District.  This area isn’t as popular as most mentioned here, however.

Where is amethyst found in Uruguay?

Uruguay is known more for its higher quality, darker amethyst stones.  Almost all of the mines found here are near the Brazil border, which includes the following:

Las Vigas:  This mine is located in the Artigas region and produces mainly amethyst; however, other gemstones are found as well.  It’s larger than most in the region, but it’s not open to the public.

Piedras de Afilar:  A mine located in the Artigas region and is known as one of the highest quality producing Uruguayan mines.  This mine is smaller and is open for public guided tours if interested.

Piedras Coloradas:  One of the only mines located in the Salto region.  It produces

Vera Mine:  Slightly outside the Artigas region and another mine known for producing high-quality amethyst as well as other gemstones.

Where is amethyst found in the United States?

There are several mines found in the United States, including:

Arizona:  Many areas including the very popular Four Peaks and Bradshaw mountains.

Georgia:  Amethyst is mainly found near the Amethyst Cove area, which is located near the town of Blue Ridge.

Maine:  Deer Hill and Mount Apatite are both areas highly known for amethyst deposits.

North Carolina:  Highly known for producing a variety of gemstones, including amethyst.  Most are found in the Jackson’s Crossroads area.

South Dakota:  The Black Hills area is known for producing some deposits of amethyst.

Where is amethyst found in Zambia?

Zambia is also a major source of amethyst production, mainly in the southern and eastern regions.  The key difference here is that the amethyst found is often smaller than most.  Here are some specific mines found here:

Luangwa Valley:  This area is found in the eastern part of the country and is known for the amethyst found in the granite.

Mapatizya:  Located in the eastern part of the country and is mainly known for its significant source of amethyst.  Most of what you find in this country is operated by small mining companies.

Mkushi:  Another location known for amethyst found in the central part of the country.

Mwakambiko:  Located in the southern part of Zambia is highly known for high-quality pieces.  This area is mainly operated by smaller scale miners.

Where is amethyst found in the world?

Aside from the countries mentioned, amethyst can also be found in the following countries:

  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Mexico
  • Russia
  • South Korea
  • Sri-Lanka

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