Amethyst in Uruguay (Meanings, Mines and Differences)

Some say that Uruguay offers some of the best amethyst in the world, and when you take a look, you can see why.  The deep, vibrant and rich purple color is so unique in comparison to other amethyst crystals being mined elsewhere.  As one of the most coveted geological sites in the world, there’s an abundant supply of amethyst to be had.

In today’s guide, let’s take a look at what makes Uruguayan amethyst so unique as well as what kind of meaning it holds.  We will also look at where it’s mined as well as the differences between other amethyst being mined in the world.

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Uruguay amethyst meaning

Metaphysically, Uruguayan amethyst is much like the amethyst found around the world and you won’t notice many differences.

Amethyst is known as a stone for protection and has been long appreciated for centuries.  Spiritualists believe that amethyst can calm your mind, keeping you at ease throughout the day, even well into the night.  As one of the most powerful stones, it’s often the first choice as a protective stone.

Historically, Egyptians felt the stone could provide them with protection from spiritual harm, whereas Christians thought it was the symbol of purity. They believed the stone could help with healing.

As a color of royalty, it was beloved to be one of the five precious stones, alongside diamonds, rubies, sapphires and even emeralds.

Uruguay amethyst mines

Uruguayan amethyst can only be mined horizontally and is found only a few feet underground.  This is usually done by digging an open pit or a tunnel, depending on the mining location.  For example, a mountain may require a tunnel or even dynamite to break up the rocks nearby.

The city of Artigas is quite possibly the most popular mined area found in Uruguay, which is located right on the Brazil border, specifically the state of Rio Grande do Sul, another productive region. Artigas is a world-renowned place of highly coveted amethyst gemstones and is even known for the “Empress of Uruguay,” which is the world’s largest amethyst geode that stands 11 feet tall.  This region is known to produce such high quality that most people don’t believe their eyes when they see the freshly mined amethyst.  The crystals are so pure that it’s almost as if it isn’t a part of nature.  It’s not uncommon for people to ask if they are real.  Here, you will find more than 50+ quarries.

The price of Uruguayan amethyst

The price of Uruguayan amethyst will depend on what you’re looking to purchase.

If we’re talking about jewelry, then you will need to factor in the four C’s: color, clarity, cut and carats.  If there are eye-visible inclusions, for example, the value can be much less than that of a piece that’s lacking inclusions.  The same can be said about the cut and size.  Very few raw Uruguayan amethyst pieces are finished into cuts and shapes, such as ovals, emerald cuts, triangles, etc, so a perfect cut can increase the price as well.  From a reputable jeweler, be prepared to spend about $250 to $500 for a very high-quality necklace to as much as $1,500 for an 18K Uruguayan amethyst ring.

Aside from jewelry, Uruguayan amethyst can be sold as a raw geode, tower, cluster, sphere or heart, to name a few.  Smaller clusters, weighing less than a few ounces, can cost about $15, whereas larger geodes can cost upwards of $100 to $200+.  Like jewelry, it’s going to depend on the quality, the size, what it’s carved into as well as who’s selling it.  A nice piece can often be had for less than $200 usually.

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Uruguay amethyst chakra

Uruguayan amethyst is closely aligned with two chakras:  the third eye and crown chakra.

Since amethyst is said to help connect us to a higher realm, it’s a good choice if you want to work with your third eye chakra.  Also, as a peaceful stone, it’s ideal for its positive energy during meditation purposes.

Amethyst is also said to help activate the crown chakra, as it can help gain access to the divine.  It’s said to enhance your spiritual ability, wisdom as well as state of consciousness.  It’s a great stone to align and cooperate between the energy bodies.

Uruguayan amethyst vs Brazilian amethyst

Mostly, these two crystals are very similar to the naked eye; however, if we dig deep into the “properties,” then there are some differences between the two.

Brazilian amethyst is the most abundant of all amethyst and comes in a large range of colors, from a faint lilac to a deep purple.  The crystals tend to be smaller in comparison to Uruguayan amethyst.

This type of amethyst was used in history as a powerful healer, as it was known as the “stone of sobriety.”  It was believed that it could assist alcoholics with addictions as well as overcome vices.  Historically, it was worn as a stone of protection, as mentioned, and used as a shield from negative energies.  Mainly, Brazilian amethyst is seen as a way to promote inner peace, bring a sense of calmness and keep your mind at ease when you’re feeling stressed.

Uruguayan amethyst a deeper purple hue, sometimes with flashes of blue and/or red.  The points will often be larger, and the geode, when broken open, will usually be deeper than that of a Brazilian amethyst.

Metaphysically, Uruguayan amethyst is said to have a higher vibration due to the deeper color and was known as a guard against evil powers.  It shares a lot of properties with Brazilian amethyst, but spiritualists believe the power of a Uruguayan amethyst is stronger.  Because of this, it’s a very powerful stone to work with meditation and energy healing.  It’s said to bring a relaxing feeling while being used.

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