Teal Gemstones Names List (with meanings)

The world is filled with tons of stones and crystals, all of which come in many colors, but there is something beautiful about teal gemstones.

The color teal mixes green and blue in a way that is not quite like the sky or ocean.  Rather, it’s something in between. It’s almost like it combines the peacefulness of blue with the rejuvenating quality of green. Ancient Egyptians valued teal as a symbol of truth and faith.  And, these beliefs add a deep meaning to teal gemstones which still hold true to this day.

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Teal gemstones carry important meanings, too.

They are said to be linked to seeking the truth as well as bringing about balance, beauty, and calmness.  They are also noted as a color that symbolizes harmony.

Scattered around the world, from Madagascar to Montana, there are a lot of beautiful teal gemstones out there.

In today’s guide, let’s talk about the many teal gemstones you can admire and/or purchase as well as the metaphysical meaning of each.

Teal Gemstones and Crystals Names


Agate is a wonder stone that shows up in a rainbow of colors, from teal to an earthy brown. It’s incredibly soothing and boosts your confidence, especially when you’re facing tough choices. Agate is also said to bring out your inner strength and courage, making your mind sharper and more focused on what you truly want. It also wards off negative vibes, and supports you through tough times, all while keeping you grounded.


Apatite is a stone that carries the essence of water and truth, promoting a relaxed way of communicating and helping you feel more comfortable in social settings. It’s like having a friend who encourages you to find and use your inner magic. Apatite supports the body in healing and strengthening in various ways. It also empowers you to speak your truth and confidently use your voice.


Aquamarine is a beautiful shade of green and blue.  And, aquamarine is said to be good for calming down and soothing your nerves. It focuses on the throat chakra, making it easier for you to express yourself clearly.  Aside from this, it also lights up the heart, as it’s said to help remove any obstacles that stop you from sharing your thoughts and feelings.

Blue Sapphire

Sapphire comes in many colors, including the light green and blue of the Montana Sapphire. The blue and teal sapphire, in particular, is a stone full of happiness and insight. It’s said to invite good fortune and is great for focusing on your energy. This stone may help you feel more in tune with your emotions and maintain a sense of balance. Because it’s linked to wealth, love, and connection, you may often find large sapphires in engagement rings.


Tanzanite is a gem that’s hard to find and is known for its power to transform. It sparkles with violet and a soft purple light, making you feel joyful and at peace whenever you look at it. This stone is deeply spiritual, helping ease your worries. It works with the throat and third eye chakras to clear the path for wisdom and better communication. Despite its calm vibes, tanzanite also brings out a lively energy, perfect for those who usually stay in the background, making it a popular choice for jewelry.

Blue Topaz

Blue topaz shines in a beautiful shade of blue and teal. This gemstone is said to be all about wisdom, sharing your thoughts, and even embracing your achievements. It’s even called the “writer’s stone” because it is said to help boost creativity and makes expressing your ideas easy, ensuring that your words flow smoothly.


Tourmaline has an endless array of colors.  In particular, Paraiba Tourmaline, known for its vibrant green and blue hues, is a version of tourmaline that is quite rare. It’s said to be famous for enhancing intuition and helping in expressing your thoughts and feelings.  It’s going to ensure you actively participate in life’s journey, not just go along for the ride. The Paraiba Tourmaline, in particular, guides you toward truth and understanding with its neon sparkle.


Blue Zircon is almost like a breath of fresh air for your mind. If you’re looking to clear your thoughts, this gemstone is said to be perfect for the job. It cuts through confusion, helping you find your way back to clear thinking. Spiritualists also note that blue zircon understands your emotions well, amplifying the quiet messages from your subconscious and guiding your energy where it needs to go.

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