Red Aventurine vs. Strawberry Quartz (Answer)

Red aventurine as well as strawberry quartz is seen as being the same stone, with almost similar chemical compositions, however, there are slight differences, such as the color.

Strawberry quartz is a made-up trade name that commonly refers to quartz with hematite inclusions, whereas red aventurine is a form of quartzite with fuschite inclusions.  If it’s red, and it’s natural, then this color will come from the hematite.

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As it can be hard to tell the differences between these two crystals, let’s take a look at how you can determine which one is which.

Red aventurine vs. strawberry quartz


First, let’s talk about the colors.

One of the main differences between the two will be the color.  Red aventurine is usually more vibrant in color when compared to strawberry quartz, which tends to be more pale in comparison.  How vibrant or pale these stones are will greatly depend on the inclusions found within the stone such as hematite and/or goethite.  The slightest change in hematite can make all the difference in colors.

Red aventurine will be a type of quartz that contains goethite, hematite, and/or mica in its composition, and it’s these inclusions that will give it the stone’s red color.  Depending on the inclusions, the red tones will always vary.  Sometimes, you will notice mica content which gives the stone its “aventurescence,” which is a glitter-like effect.

Strawberry quartz, on the other hand, will go by other names such as hematite quartz or red quartz.  These colors can range from a lighter pink to something almost resembling a strawberry such as a pale red with black, white and/or brownish markings within the stone.  This stone can also have a glittery effect like red aventurine.

Chemical Composition:

Both stones will have the same chemical makeup, however, the slightest difference can be seen in the inclusions, particularly the amount of hematite and goethite.

Both are silicate minerals blended with silicon dioxide and hematite, which is very similar to rose quartz.  However, what you will find in rose quartz is that you will not see the same glittery effect nor will you see iron oxide and goethite in its chemical composition.  Rose quartz will be much lighter in comparison because of this.


Both will be translucent with a vitreous luster, which simply means that they shine in a similar way that glass does.  If mica is present, then it will have that glittery effect, as mentioned earlier.


Red aventurine crystals are found in Brazil, India, and Europe, whereas strawberry quartz is found in Mexico, Russia, Morocco and Brazil.


Both of these stones are relatively hard, but red aventurine will be slightly software than that of strawberry quartz.

On the Mohs scale of hardness, red aventurine will score a six, whereas strawberry quartz will be slightly higher at a seven.

If you’re unfamiliar with this scale, it’s the hardness that determines how scratch resistant it is.  The higher the number is, the less susceptible to scratching it is.  However, a higher number can always scratch a lower number.


As both of these crystals are similar, this will also means they will share similar metaphysical properties as well.

For red aventurine, it’s said to be a stone that may help get rid of negative energies, help you think clearer as well as motivate you for your future.  It’s a great confidence booster stone, according to crystal healers.  If you feel you have a roadblock in life, particularly motivation and confidence, it’s one you could consider turning to.  It also resonates with vitality, confidence and creativity.

Strawberry quartz is very similar in that it has a slight more significance with love, joy and relationships.  Other than that, there’s not much in terms of differences here.


In terms of the value and rarity, this will vary depending on some factors, such as the size and market demand.  In general, however, neither of these stones are considered rare or valuable compared to some other types of gemstones.  Both are readily available on the market.

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Is red aventurine the same as strawberry quartz?


Even though they can appear similar due to the red/pink color, there are differences, which we can recap here.

For one, red aventurine is a quartz that contains other inclusions that give it a reddish color, such as hematite or goethite. It’s usually opaque and exhibits a shimmering or glistening effect known as aventurescence.

Strawberry Quartz, however, is a type of quartz with inclusions of red iron oxide, which gives it a strawberry-like color.  It’s often more transparent or translucent when compared to red aventurine.  This is the biggest difference.

Even though these stones are unique, again, they share a lot of similarities, however, they are not the same.

What is the alternative name for strawberry quartz?

Strawberry quartz is sometimes referred to as “red quartz” or “strawberry crystals,” but strawberry quartz tends to be the most widely recognized and commonly used term to describe this stone.  This is just a made-up trade name like so many other crystals.

In the gem world, terminology can vary and different sources can (and will) use different names, so it’s important to identify the mineralogy of any stone before considering it.

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