Pink Apophyllite Crystal Properties

Pink apophyllite belongs to the apophyllite family and it’s one of the most recently discovered crystals as of late.  It’s known for its pink color, which is due to the manganese in the composition and was found in the Deccan Plateau region of India, quickly becoming one of the most coveted crystals in the region.  Pink is the rarest color of them all and is considered to be difficult to source.

Believed to be a very powerful love, calming and compassionate stone, it’s an excellent addition to anyone’s crystal collection.  It’s often used in crystal healing as well as sought after for collection purposes.

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Pink apophyllite metaphysical properties

Compassion:  Mainly, pink apophyllite is said to be a very loving stone, as it’s said to have a gentle vibration.  This can promote feelings of compassion, empathy and understanding.  Since it’s aligned with the heart chakra, it’s said to help facilitate deeper connections with your relationships.

Emotional healing:  Pink apophyllite is said to have a soothing energy that may be able to help release any negative feelings felt as well as promote feelings of peace.

Self acceptance:  Healers believe this stone can help promote your self confidence, which means it can help release negative thoughts as well as help you grow.

Spiritual growth:  This is a crystal that may be able to help connect you to your higher realm, which means it can help you better understand the universe around you as well your “place” within.

Stress relief:  As a calming stone with low vibration, this can make for a very peaceful crystal that’s said to help with anxiety and stress.  Crystal healers note that it can help ground you, making you more centered to help navigate through life’s challenges.

Pink apophyllite benefits

  • promotes emotional healing
  • enhances compassion and love
  • facilitates spiritual growth, helping you connect to the higher realms
  • may reduce stress and anxiety
  • opens the heart chakra
  • may boost your self confidence
  • said to enhance your intuition

How can pink apophyllite be used in crystal healing?

Pink apophyllite can be used in a variety of ways when it comes to crystal healing.  Depending on your intentions, you can consider the following:

Opens your heart chakra:   Consider placing the crystal on your heart during a meditation session to help open and activate your heart center.

Use with other heart-centered stones:  Using pink apophyllite on a crystal grid with other heart-centered stones, such as rose quartz, may be able to amplify your love and compassion energies.

Carry for calming measures:  Carrying it around you for the day may promote a sense of calmness, helping ease your anxiety.  Place it nearby to allow it to radiate its gentle peaceful energy.

Great for self reflection:  Some healers recommend holding it while journaling, specifically a self reflection session, as it’s said to help release negative energies to help promote self acceptance.

Promotes peace:  Incorporating during a bath session may promote a peaceful session.  You can even consider meditation, whichever you prefer.

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Pink apophyllite chakra

Mostly, pink apophyllite is associated with the heart chakra, which is said to be located in the center of your chest, often associated with love and compassion.  Healers say that pink apophyllite can help balance your heart chakra as well as foster a sense of peace.

What is the price of pink apophyllite?

How much pink apophyllite costs will depend on a few factors, such as the size, quality as well as where it was sourced.

As with any apophyllite, the prices can greatly vary, from as little as $5 to as much as $1,000+.

A high-quality piece, no more than one pound, with stilbite and perfect crystal clusters, can easily sell for $500+, whereas museum quality pieces are commonly found for $2,500+.

If you want a smaller cluster that’s typical of most common apophyllite, then you can be prepared to spend $10 to $75 on average.  Again, there are a lot of variables, so it can be very hard to give you a definite answer.

Is pink apophyllite rare?

Pink apophyllite, like most apophyllite, is not rare; however, it’s the quality and color of the specimen found.  If we’re talking about a museum piece, this can be considered rare, but if you’re talking about a common cluster with a slight tint of pink, this is somewhat available, however, it isn’t as common as other apophyllite colors.

Out of all apophyllite, pink is the rarest and will be the scarcest of them all

Typically, your pink apophyllite will be found in India and sometimes Brazil, and most of what you will find with be a typical smaller, pink cluster.

Where is pink apophyllite found?

Mainly, like apophyllite, pink apophyllite is found in India, specifically in the Maharashtra region near the city of Pune.  The deposits here are known for producing some of the highest quality pink specimens.  Aside from India, they can be found throughout other parts of the world, which includes Brazil, specifically the Minas Gerais region, and Canada border, near the Keweenaw Peninsula in Michigan.

How does pink apophyllite differ from other types of apophyllite?

Pink apophyllite is just a type of apophyllite known for its pink color, which is caused by the inclusions of hematite or stilbite.  Crystal structure and chemical composition wise, it’s very similar to other types of apophyllite, however, the main difference is simply the color, which is caused by specific minerals, mainly manganese.

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