Green Aquamarine Meaning

Green aquamarine, a variety of the mineral beryl, is known for its blue-green color, mostly clear or milky in appearance.  While most aquamarine you find on the market will be more of a blue color, many green aquamarine pieces exist as well, however, it isn’t as common.  This is a very powerful crystal that offers a variety of benefits, many of which we will talk about below.

What is green aquamarine good for?

Attracts prosperity:  This is a stone that’s thought to attract abundance and prosperity in your life, which can help bring your dreams to life.

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Calming energies:  Green aquamarine is said to have very powerful calming energies, which are said to have calming and soothing effects for anyone who wears it.

Creativity:  As this crystal is closely aligned with the throat chakra, green aquamarine may inspire your creative side, helping you overcome artistic blocks.

Communication:  Mainly, if you research green aquamarine, you will soon find out that many are often attracted to it because of its communication powers.  Green aquamarine may be able to help enhance your communication, which may

allow you to foster your thoughts, paving the way to a clear communication path.

Emotional healing:  It’s also said to promote emotional healing and balance, which may help you release any negative emotions within, such as letting go of past traumas.

Intuition:  Aside from your throat chakra, healers note that it closely aligns with your third eye chakra as well.  This is the very chakra that’s linked to your intuition, and this crystal is said to help strengthen this skill.

Meditation: It can also be used as a meditation aid, as it’s believed to deepen the meditative state, allowing you to easier self reflect.

Relationships:  Hand in hand with communication, this, in turn, can help improve relationships as it can help you better understand them.  It can also

Is green aquamarine valuable?

Like many crystals, green aquamarine can be valuable, but the value will depend on the color, clarity, cut and carat weight.  As a variety of beryl, it’s typically known for its blue color, however, as noted, aquamarine can be green, even though it’s rare.

Usually, the more intense the color may be, either blue or green, can greatly dictate the value.  Green aquamarine is much less common than blue aquamarine, which means the value will rely upon the green and how vivid and desirable it may be.  A pale and washed-out green will be much less valuable than a deeper, rich green, for example.

While the most valuable aquamarine tends to be blue, greenish crystals can be desirable, however, it comes down to personal preference.

Green aquamarine stone price

The price will depend on the factors mentioned above:  color, clarity, cut and carat weight.

Widely based upon these factors, the prices will range anywhere from as little as a $75~ to as much as $500+ per carat, sometimes much higher for an in-demand stone.   These prices can fluctuate based on market conditions, too.

Remember, there are a ton of factors involved, so it can be very hard to give you a definite price as to what your stone may be worth if that’s what you’re asking.

Can aquamarine be greenish?

Yes!  As you have read by now, aquamarine can exhibit a greenish hue, however, it’s not as common as you think, as most aquamarine will be blue.

If you do find aquamarine with green, it’s due to the iron impurities found within the crystal structure.  This shade of green, just like the blue, will range from something pale to something very intense.

How does blue aquamarine differ from green aquamarine?

Both green and blue aquamarine is a variety of the mineral beryl and both colors of aquamarine will get their greenish or bluish hue from the iron impurities within its crystal structure.  Scientifically, it’s the ions that will determine the color and it depends on the relative concentrations and types of iron ions present in the crystal.  A higher concentration of “Fe2+” will result in more of a blue color, while a higher concentration of “Fe3+” will contribute more to a green color.  Aside from iron, the geological conditions in which the aquamarine forms can affect the color as well.

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