Aquamarine Crystal Meaning (What to Know)

Aquamarine is known for its beautiful blue-green color and comes from the Italian word for seawater.  It’s a member of the beryl family and sister to another beautiful stone, the emerald.  If you’re attracted to water in any way, it’s a crystal that’s sure to capture your interest.

Aquamarine can be found in a range of colors, from a pale blue to aqua green and it dates back many centuries, as far back as 480 BC, where it was believed to be the treasure of Atlantis.  It has a lot of history to it, which means there’s a lot to learn.

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What is aquamarine crystal good for?

Balance:  It’s one of the many balancing stones, which can help encourage harmony in your relationships as well as bring you inner peace.

Calming energy:  Aquamarine is highly known for its calming energy, which is said to help ease your nerves as well as potentially help you with stressful situations.  As a crystal that promotes relaxation, it’s often highly recommended for anyone who suffers from stress and/or anxiety.

Communication:  It’s closely related to the throat chakra, which means it’s said to help govern your self expression as well as help with communication.  Healers say it can help you gain confidence in social situations as well as improve your speaking skills.

Courage:  It’s one of the many crystals that help promote courage as well as determination, which may be able to help provide support during challenging times in your life.

Emotional healing:  Aquamarine is said to help release any emotional baggage you may be carrying as well as help heal your past traumas.

Hope:  It’s a stone that resembles happiness and hope.  Historically, it was said to protect those who were at sea where sailors could feel “fearless.”   This is why it’s considered a great gift to anyone traveling out to sea.

Mental clarity:  Healers believe that aquamarine can help enhance your mental clarity, which is said to help you focus better and make better decisions.  If you need help thinking logically and/or more clearly, it’s a crystal to highly consider.

Protection:  Historically, it was said that this crystal was a protective stone against misfortunes, especially during travel.

Aquamarine crystal benefits

  • said to calm nerves and help with stress
  • improves communication
  • promotes emotional healing
  • enhances mental clarity for a better thought process
  • boosts your confidence
  • may provide protection
  • restores your balance

Aquamarine spiritual meaning

Aquamarine has a very deep spiritual signification and it’s a crystal often associated with the following themes:

Communication:  As noted, aquamarine is closely tied to the throat charka, which means it can help you with open and honest communication, helping you speak your truth.

Inner peace:  Aquamarine is said to help bring tranquility, serenity, and inner peace to your life, making it a great crystal to connect with calming energies.  This can help quiet your mind and soul.

Intuition:  It’s said to help enhance your intuition and psychic abilities, which may be able to help you connect with your higher self.  It can also help you realize your life’s purpose.

Spiritual purification:  Healers say that aquamarine is a crystal that can help cleanse and purify the energies that surround you, helping wipe away any negative influences.  In turn, this can help create a space for spiritual growth.

Water element:  Aquamarine is connected to the water element, which symbolizes the ebb and flow of life, which means you can change with grace and fluidity.

Aquamarine chakra

Noted briefly already, aquamarine is primarily associated with the throat chakra, which is the fifth chakra located at the base of the throat.  It’s responsible for your communication, self expression as well as speaking the truth.  The calming blue energies aquamarine holds allow it to open your throat charka, allowing for better communication.  This is why it’s a fantastic choice if you’re looking to work on communication as well as boost your self confidence in social situations.

What energy does aquamarine have?

Mainly, aquamarine is known for its calming, soothing, and harmonious energy, which can promote emotional healing, clarity in communication, and spiritual growth.

Does aquamarine help with love?

It wouldn’t be the best crystal to pick out for love; however, it can have a positive influence on love as well as relationships.  For example, its gentle and soothing energy can help it closely resonate with the heart chakra, even though this isn’t the “official” association.  As you can see by now, it’s more of a crystal that can help promote emotional healing, self awareness as well as deeper connections with others.

If you want to use it as a love stone, it’s not the best option, but it can help with emotional healing, communication, emotional balance as well as compassion.  All of these traits are more of a supportive and healing property than one that focuses moreso on love if that makes sense.

Who should wear aquamarine?

Aquamarine is ideal for a variety of people, however, its properties are specifically designed for those who need:

  • a calming and soothing energy brought into their lives
  • to work on their communication skills, specifically confidence
  • help with emotional healing and growth
  • courage and resilience
  • help working on spiritual growth to help enhance intuition and spiritual awareness

Who should not wear aquamarine?

Even though there are no restrictions as to who shouldn’t wear aquamarine, there are some restrictions to consider.  Generally, this is a soothing stone and it can benefit everyone, but certain people may have beliefs that may make it NOT a great choice.

For example, does this crystal intuitively speak to you?  If you feel the energy isn’t right, this may not be a crystal for you.  Always trust your intuition, and if it’s not matching, you may want to reconsider.  The same can be said about aesthetic preferences.  If you don’t flow with the appearance, then it may not be a gemstone for you.

Mainly, it comes down to personal preferences and energies.  If you don’t feel that connection, then you may want to resort to other alternatives.

Aquamarine crystal prices

Aquamarine is considered to be a semi-precious gemstone, which means it can be lumped in with other beautiful crystals such as opal and amethyst.

For a cut and polished aquamarine suitable for a ring or piece of jewelry, it can cost about $700~ per carat.  This can depend on the cut, clarity and who you purchase it from.

If you’re talking about a rough piece, it’s often $5 to $10 per gram.  These are typically smaller pieces, which means a very small piece can easily cost $100+.  Again, this will depend on the cut, clarity and who you’re purchasing it from.

Larger pieces are often rare and can be worth hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Geological properties

Composition:  a variety of mineral beryl

Color:  ranges from a blue to greenish-blue

Crystal structure:  hexagonal

Hardness:  7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale

Luster:  Vitreous (glass-like)

Occurrence:  Commonly found in pegmatites and hydrothermal veins, mainly Brazil, Madagascar, Nigeria, and the United States

Transparency:  Transparent to translucent

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