Enhydro Agate Properties and Meaning

Enhydro agates are much different than most agates you’re used to seeing because it has water trapped inside their hollow center cavity. These stones are formed when water rich in silica filters through volcanic rock, which can form layers of minerals. As the layers continue to build, a cavity can be formed, which will trap the water. In many cases, you can shake the rock and hear the water inside and even shine a flashlight to see the water within. Aside from water, debris or petroleum can be found as well, all of which are unique in each piece. Composed of chalcedony, the formation is an always ongoing process.

Enhydro agate properties

Discover your strengths:  Enhydro agates are known to have a few properties, particularly allowing you to discover your natural talents as well as help you gain the strength to give you that feeling that everything is okay in life. This type of agate is a wonderful grounding stone to give you stability in your life.

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Purity:  Some believe the water inside of the agate is to be as pure as it can be, which means it’s ideal for anyone seeking purity for the mind, body or soul. Coinciding with this belief, it’s ideal for cleansing and getting rid of any toxicity in life.

Creativity: The metaphysical properties encourage you to use your imagination which can turn you into a fantastic problem solver.

Emotional stability:  It’s said to have a calming effect, which can help balance and stabilize your emotions.

Improves communication:  An enhydro agate is said to help promote clear and effective communication, which can help you express yourself clearly and connect with others easily.

Protection:  It’s thought to have protection against negative energies and promote a sense of safety.

Enhydro agate benefits

  • a great grounding stone that gives you stability in life
  • fires up your imagination to help you problem solve
  • a sign of purity for the mind, body and soul
  • many believe it can help relieve tension and stress in relationships
  • overcome challenges in life due to the stone’s connection to strength and courage
  • carries water energy, which makes it a great health and cleansing crystal
  • attracts love, luck and kindness

Where to find enhydro agate

Most enhydro agate you find on the market will come from Brazil, Indonesia and Oregon. It’s mainly mined from “watery” places.

As for purchasing enhydro agate for sale, Etsy, eBay and some select gem dealers may have it in stock as well. The price for a natural piece can range from $30 to $60 for one weighing less than half of a pound. Aside from natural pieces, you can also find pendants, rings and spheres, all of which can range anywhere from $30 to $150, depending on the rarity of the piece in question.

Most agates you find online will be tan, brown, and black with a mix of specimens inside, which range from red to pale blue in color.

How old are enhydro agates?

The water found inside the rock can often be old as 5 to 10+ million years old, however, as for the actual age of the rock, it’s tough to say. Many experts don’t believe that the water is the same age as the stone. In fact, experts believe the water may have been replaced multiple times as the rock expanded. In some cases, the water may have evaporated from the rock.

Can you drink water from enhydro agates?

Most would highly recommend that you avoid doing so as there’s no guarantee this water will be safe to drink. In fact, most of the water found inside of an enhydro agate isn’t pure. Rather, it’s often filled with debris, petroleum and/or a mix of crystals. What’s contained inside of it will depend on the conditions it was formed.

How to spot a fake enhydro agate

On the market, you will often find dealers who think they are selling enhydro agates when, in fact, they are selling quartz that just has a liquid inclusion. If you notice water bubbles within the cavity, these are referred to as fluid inclusions, not an enhydro. While enhydros will form by trapping water, the biggest difference is that the walls are porous, which simply means the geode has tiny holes in which the water can escape or re-enter, which means it won’t be able to form a water bubble of sorts. Whenever an enhydro agate is collected, water may continue to flow in and out until it is taken away from its natural habitat. In that case, water may seep out but water will no longer be able to enter. The process of water leaving, however, is very slow.

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