Dream Amethyst Meaning and Properties (Guide)

Dream amethyst, commonly referred to as chevron amethyst and banded amethyst, is a combination of amethyst and white quartz to create a unique V-like blended pattern.  If you look closely, you can see varying layers within, which vary in colors ranging from lavender to white or even deep purple.  Each piece is quite unique.

The unique thing about dream amethyst is that it combines both amethyst as well as white quartz properties, giving you the best of both crystals.  When shopping, you can commonly find it as a sphere, heart, skull, tower, bracelet, palm stone or sometimes in its raw form.

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In today’s guide, let’s explain the benefits of dream amethyst as well as how it compares to amethyst.

What is dream amethyst?

As noted, dream amethyst is commonly referred to as chevron amethyst and it’s characterized by its unique pattern of white and purple “chevrons” and/or V-shaped markings.  As a combination of both amethyst and white quartz, this is what gives it its distinctive appearance.  It’s a very common stone and is relatively inexpensive.

Spiritualists believe this particular crystal has powerful properties, which include the ability to enhance your intuition as well as promote calmness.  It’s also said to help you sleep better at night, promoting peaceful sleep.  Later on, we can talk about the properties more in detail.

Historically, it goes as far back as ancient China, where it was believed it was a sign of wealth as well as a crystal that could drive away negative energy.  Even in ancient Egypt, it was worn as jewelry to help protect from negative energies.

It has a hardness of seven on the Mohs hardness scale and is commonly found in Brazil, Madagascar as well as other parts of the world.

Dream amethyst meaning

Much like other types of amethyst, dream amethyst is said to have spiritual and metaphysical properties that can help enhance your spiritual abilities as well as promote healing.  It has been known for centuries, dating back to as far back as ancient Greek times when it was used as a healer and anti-intoxicating crystal, as it was believed it would prevent you from getting drunk.

The meaning of dream amethyst can vary, depending on your belief system, your culture as well as the person using it.

There are a lot of meanings, all of which are noted below.

Dream amethyst properties

Calming:  Dream amethyst is known as a very calming stone and it’s said that you should use it when you need a state of meditation and want a break from the everyday madness.  It’s a peaceful, serene stone that’s highly ideal for meditation purposes.

Powerful: It’s also said to be a very powerful stone that may be able to increase your psychic ability as well as deepen your intuition.

Peace:  As it combines both amethyst and white quartz, it provides the peaceful, balancing properties of amethyst and the healing properties of quartz.  This means that it may be able to help purify your aura as well as ward off any negative energy nearby.  Because of this, you may feel at ease, which means you can rest easier throughout the day, even at night.

Change:  This crystal may help lessen to change, which simply means you can accept change easier as it comes.  In doing so, it may be said to help you grow emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Meditation:  As a great meditation stone, keep it nearby whenever you need the creative juices to flow. This balanced energy can help serve you well, promoting a sense of success.

Balancing:  Dream amethyst is also said to be a wonderful balancing stone.  It may be able to help balance your emotions as well as promote emotional stability, which means it is a great option if you’re struggling with emotional concerns.

Dream amethyst benefits

  • a very calming stone that may promote peace in your life
  • may increase psychic ability and deepen your intuition
  • provides benefits of both white quartz and amethyst, mainly promoting peaceful sleep
  • may help lessen you to change, helping you grow
  • said to protect your aura from negative energies
  • a stone to maybe help balance your emotions
  • historically, it’s said to maybe help with sobriety
  • assists with dream work and lucid dreams
  • may help with mental focus
  • encourages creativity

Dream amethyst vs amethyst

Dream amethyst and amethyst are both varieties of quartz with similar chemical compositions, however, differences do exist between the two.

Appearance:  Dream amethyst will have a chevron v-like pattern of white quartz and purple amethyst, whereas purple amethyst will be a solid purple color.  Regular amethyst ranges from light lilac to a deep purple, while dream amethyst will have shades of purple and white.

Formation:  Dream amethyst forms in a unique pattern  due to the way quartz and amethyst grow together, while regular amethyst will form in a variety of crystal formations.

Jewelry:  Amethyst is more likely to be used in jewelry than dream amethyst, mostly because of its solid colors.

Metaphysical:  A dream amethyst is said to have a heavier emphasis on spiritual growth, whereas amethyst is more used for its calming properties.

Origin:  You will find amethyst almost all throughout the world, whereas dream amethyst is soured mainly out of Africa.

Rarity:  Dream amethyst is much rarer than that of amethyst; however, it is very similar in price.

Dream amethyst chakra

Dream amethyst is said to be closely connected to the third eye chakra, which is the sixth primary chakra, signifying an unconscious mind.

Dream amethyst zodiac

It’s said to be closely related to the Virgo sign, as it’s able to provide calming qualities that promotes well being.  This can help Virgos accept what they cannot change as well as inspire them to understand others, thereby improving relationships.

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