Celestite Meaning and Information (updated guide)

Celestite, sometimes referred to as celestine, is a mineral that grows into beautiful blue crystals.

Many people believe it has a connection to divine power and can help boost our understanding and consciousness. So, when you use it during moments of reflection or meditation, it might help you feel more mindful and connected.

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A long time ago, back in 1799, a guy named A.G. Werner found celestite and gave it a name that means “heavenly” or “from the sky” in Latin. When you’re out shopping for this stone, you’ll find most of it comes from Madagascar. But don’t be surprised if it looks more grey than blue, and keep an eye out because there are a whole bunch of different qualities and prices.

Celestite has a scientific side, too.

Its full name is strontium sulfate, and its lovely sky-blue color inspired its name, which comes from the Latin word “Caelestis,” meaning “celestial“.

You might find celestite in rocks formed by rivers, streams, and oceans or inside geodes. It often grows with minerals like gypsum, anhydrite, and halite. Though celestite is known for its pale blue shade, especially from places like Madagascar and Sicily, Italy, it can also be colorless, white, pink, green, brown, or even black.

In today’s guide, let’s dive and explore what celestite is all about.

Celestite meaning (metaphysical properties)

Magic of your dreams:  Imagine the soft touch of angel wings or the first light of dawn—Celestite embodies these gentle, ethereal moments. Its name, drawn from the Latin word ‘Caelestis’, evokes heavenly or celestial vibes, reflecting its mystical properties. This crystal promotes inner tranquility and a connection to realms beyond our own. Its sky-blue hue captures the essence of its serene, dreamlike nature.

Heightens spiritual insights:  Celestite, with its links to the stars and the heavens, is believed to tap into divine energies and cosmic forces. Because of this, it’s a popular choice for those wanting to enhance their spiritual strength. People believe that celestite can heighten spiritual insight, making it a perfect companion for those on a journey to achieve greater wisdom and inner calmness.

Seeking solace:  Ever found yourself struggling to drift off to sleep, or tossing and turning, unable to stay in dreamland? Perhaps your mind is constantly racing, cluttered with worries and endless to-dos? If you’re in need of a serene atmosphere in your bedroom, celestite might just be the solution you’ve been searching for. This stone is tailored for those seeking solace, particularly when it comes to sleep issues.

Peaceful energies:  Celestite, with its soft blue hue reminiscent of the sky, embodies an almost divine, peaceful energy. Merely gazing upon it can bring about a profound sense of tranquility, permeating every aspect of your being. Imagine this stone as a gentle lullaby for your spirit, pulling you out of any troubling thoughts and leading you toward light and harmony. Not only does it soothe your mind, but celestite also brings tranquility to your physical self, making relaxation a breeze. Given its innate ability to ease worries and tension, it’s no wonder celestite is regarded as a prime crystal for mitigating stress and anxiety.

Tune your mind:  Touching celestite feels special because it has such a strong energy. This stone is said to really tune into your mind, especially the parts we call the third eye and crown chakra, making a clear connection between them. Imagine having a superpower: this stone can help you tap into some amazing abilities like understanding hidden messages or even feeling a special bond with guardian angels.

Clearer experiences:  Ever had a strong feeling of déjà vu or felt like you were flying in a dream? Celestite can make those experiences clearer. When you start using this stone, you might notice your dreams becoming more vivid. These aren’t just random dreams, by the way. They have deep meanings, and with celestite’s help, you can better understand them. In time, you might even be able to control what happens in your dreams! If this excites you, try keeping a Celestite near your bed. It can help you connect with its energy even while you sleep.

Celestite chakra

Celestite has a strong resonance with the third eye chakra, also known as Anja. This chakra is tied to the pituitary gland, which in turn, is linked to the release of serotonin in our body. When the third eye is balanced, it fosters a host of benefits, from enhanced intuition to vivid dream recollections and a heightened sense of imagination. It enables you to see beyond the obvious and grasp the larger picture.

By blending the sacred qualities of celestite with mindful practices, you can better recognize the things within your power and come to peace with those outside your control. This realization, fostered by the gentle reminders of celestite, can be your guiding light during moments of contemplation.

Celestite uses

Meditation or prayer:  For those looking to harness the healing and grounding properties of celestite, it’s most effective when incorporated into moments of reflection, like during meditation or prayer. Think of it as an anchor or focal point in your sacred space.

Worn as jewelry:  While it’s delicate, celestite can be worn as jewelry, serving as a constant reminder to remain mindful throughout the day. Pieces like earrings, pendants, and brooches are ideal. However, try to avoid using celestite for rings or bracelets. They can easily get damaged from daily wear and tear.

Mindful Visualization: To effectively work with celestite, imagine the crystal dispelling your anxieties and stressors as you hold it. Picture its sharp edges breaking through mental clutter, replacing it with a calming blue hue that promotes healing and tranquility.

Combine with Affirmations: Celestite’s connection to the throat chakra makes it a perfect companion for vocal affirmations. If you’re seeking tranquility, affirm your intent with statements like, “I embrace calmness, peace, and clarity.”

Integrate into Chakra Practices: Tied to both the throat and third-eye chakras, celestite can empower you to voice your truth and trust your intuition. Using it in chakra exercises can amplify its benefits.

Dream Time Aid: Celestite not only encourages a peaceful slumber but is also thought to beckon guardian angels and spiritual guides. By placing it beside your bed, you’re welcoming guidance and insights even in the dream realm.

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Cleansing celestite

Each cleansing and activation method mentioned below has its unique properties. It’s important to notice how your celestite responds to each method and adapt accordingly. Regular cleansing ensures that your crystal remains a potent tool for healing, meditation, and other spiritual practices.

Here are a few ways you can successfully cleanse your celestite:

The Sun

The sun’s powerful rays can invigorate and cleanse your celestite. Place your celestite outside under direct sunlight for at least three hours.  However, do not leave your celestite in the sun for too long as it may fade the stone’s natural color.

Full Moon

The luminescence of a full moon can purify and recharge many crystals, including celestite. During a full moon, position your celestite where it can bathe in moonlight for three hours or more.  Attempt to do so during the new moon and full moon.


Selenite is known for its ability to cleanse and charge other crystals. Place your celestite on a selenite charging plate or beside a selenite wand for at least four hours.


Sound frequencies are said to help break stagnant energies and realign the vibrational energies of your celestite. Using Tibetan singing bowls, the “ohm” mantra, or even classical pieces like Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, envelop your crystal in the sound for a period of time.

Different sounds resonate with different crystals, so feel free to experiment and observe which sound your Celestite responds best to.


Sage smudging is a traditional method for energy clearing.

To smudge your Celestite:

    1. Ignite one end of a sage stick and let it burn for about 30 seconds.
    2. Blow out the flame so only smoke is produced.
    3. Encircle or waft your Celestite with the sage smoke, allowing the smoke to envelop the crystal, thus cleansing its energies.

For an enhanced cleansing experience, follow the sage smudging with Palo Santo smoke. Palo Santo, a sacred wood, adds another layer of cleansing and introduces a pleasing aroma to the process.

Celestite zodiac

Celestite might not be a conventional birthstone, but it holds a special resonance for a select group of zodiac signs.

For the communicative and expressive Geminis, celestite enhances their connection to the Throat Chakra, guiding them towards deeper self-understanding and acceptance. Libras, always seeking balance and understanding, might find that celestite helps them navigate their emotions and encourages them to keep their hearts open and resilient.

Taurus individuals, known for their steadfastness and occasional stubbornness, can benefit from celestite’s gentle and pacifying energy. It acts like a refreshing spring rain, cooling the occasional fiery temperament of a Taurus.

Similarly, the always-on-the-move Aries might discover that celestite prompts them to pause and appreciate moments of quiet reflection, balancing their inherent drive with periods of calm.

The history of celestite

Celestite has an interesting relationship with tiny creatures called Acantharea. These small beings use celestite to form their basic skeletons. Because of this, they look like tiny stars. And instead of leaving regular fossils behind, they turn into celestite formations. If you’re curious about their starry look, there are some scientific drawings that show them clearly.

The name ‘celestite’ started being used around 1798, a little while after we began understanding the element strontium in 1792. And here’s an interesting fact: celestine is the primary natural source of strontium. When it’s mixed in a certain way, it’s used to create the red color you see in fireworks. You might think strontium would make blue fireworks because of celestite’s color, but it doesn’t. For blue fireworks, we use copper.

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