125+ Amethyst Intentions and Affirmations

Unconsciously, you should set intentions every day, as spiritualists believe that it can help influence your dreams/outcomes.  It’s a daily ritual that should become a habit, no matter what you may want in life.

Amethyst is one of the more popular crystals that’s said to bring great qualities to those who possess it.  Associated with royalty in the past, it offers much more than that today.  It’s said to help make you more self aware as well as bring stability, creativity and protection to your life.

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In today’s guide, let’s talk about how you can set intentions with amethyst as well as a few amethyst affirmations you can use.

Amethyst Intentions

Start with small goals:  The first thing you will want to do is start small with a wish or a prayer, whatever you want to call it.  If you need help with this, fast forward to the amethyst affirmations noted below. While you hold your amethyst, imagine that this energy is flowing through you, guiding you along the way as you say these prayers inside your head.  Ask yourself what you want from this. How are you going to improve upon this?  When you say these intentions, do so daily and figure out your path to getting there.  Of course, action is needed in most cases, but this is the first step to your dream.  The clearer the affirmation, the better it will be.

Cleanse your amethyst:  Before you even begin to visualize your goals, you will want to make sure you cleanse your amethyst.  This can be done by rinsing it, using sage, charging it or placing it under the moon, to name a few.

Visualize:  As you hold your amethyst, you will want to visualize what your intentions may be, and this should be done in a quiet place.  Throughout the day, even well after you said your prayer, make sure you visualize your intentions.  Oftentimes, it’s ideal to wear your amethyst throughout the day so that when you look at it, this piece will immediately remind you of what you want in life.

Finalize your day:  When the day, your intentions still don’t stop.  Always think positive, fill yourself with gratitude and thank the universe for what it’s about to bring you.  When you wake up, you will want to start with your wish/prayer and start the process again.

Why you should use Amethyst affirmations

The deep purple amethyst possesses connects it directly to the crown chakra.  It’s said to help encourage spiritual awareness and inner peace.  If you feel your crown chakra is blocked, then these affirmations may be the best course of action to take.

When you use these affirmations, it’s a great way to promote your spiritual awareness, as it’s said to help develop your psychic abilities as well as encourage your spiritual awareness.  If you want to gain more spiritual wisdom, amethyst affirmations may be able to help.

As stated, these affirmations can also encourage balance and inner peace.  As amethyst is a protective crystal, it may be able to protect you from negative feelings, such as anger, as well as dispel any emotional stress you may be encountering at the moment.

Lastly, spiritualists believe amethyst affirmations can help with fear and anxiety.  In time with enough practice, you may be able to control your emotions.

Amethyst affirmations for abundance

  1. I attract abundance into my life in all its forms.
  2. I am receptive to receiving love, money, success, and all the good things that life has to offer.
  3. I am deserving of an abundant life, and I am grateful for every blessing that comes my way.
  4. I am willing to work hard and take action towards my goals, knowing that this will attract even more abundance into my life.
  5. I am surrounded by people who embody abundance and success, and I am grateful for their presence in my life.
  6. I have faith in my abilities to achieve my goals, and I know that abundance is a natural part of my life.
  7. I am grateful for my abundant life, and I know that it is only improving.
  8. I am worthy of an abundant life, and I take the necessary steps to create it.
  9. I approach the future with confidence and optimism, knowing that abundance is on its way to me.
  10. I am grateful for my capacity to attract abundance into my life.
  11. I am living a life of abundance, full of love, joy, success, and all the good things that I desire.

Amethyst affirmations for protection

  1. I affirm that I am always protected. Regardless of what happens in the world around me, I am safe and secure.
  2. I am surrounded by loving energy that shields me from harm. I have faith in this protection and am aware that it is always with me.
  3. I am thankful for the sense of safety and security that I feel. It enables me to relax and enjoy life, knowing that I am constantly cared for.
  4. In every circumstance, I know that I am safe.
  5. I release all anxiety and stress, acknowledging that I am protected at all times.
  6. I trust my capacity to manage any circumstance that comes my way, confident that I am always safe.
  7. I am now surrounded by a protective shield of white light that safeguards me from all negativity.

Amethyst affirmations for relaxation

  1. I am now effortlessly relaxing, allowing a sense of ease and wellness to fill my entire body.
  2. I am releasing all tension and stress from my body and mind, experiencing deep and lasting relaxation.
  3. My breathing is slow and deep, and my whole body is at ease.
  4. I am calm and peaceful, and my mind is still and serene.
  5. I am letting go of all worry and anxiety, freeing myself from negative thoughts.
  6. I am fully present in the moment, enjoying the sensation of tranquility and relaxation.
  7. I am grateful for this opportunity to rest and recharge.
  8. I am now rejuvenated and prepared to approach the world with a feeling of serenity and calmness.

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Amethyst affirmations for strength

  1. I release all unhealthy dependencies and allow myself to be healthy and whole.
  2. My life is filled with healthy activities and supportive relationships that align with my goals.
  3. I possess the strength to overcome any temptation or challenge that crosses my path.
  4. I am surrounded by people who love and support me, and I am thankful for their presence in my life.
  5. I have confidence in my ability to achieve my aspirations, no matter the obstacles I face.
  6. I am dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle that promotes my well-being.
  7. I am grateful for my inner strength and bravery to confront whatever comes my way.
  8. My life is purposeful and intentional, and I am living it to the fullest.
  9. I approach the future with confidence and optimism, knowing that I am strong enough to handle any situation.
  10. My strength, courage, and determination are the keys to my success, and I am grateful for them.

Amethyst affirmations

  1. I am conscious and alert.
  2. I respect the divinity within me.
  3. I release restrictive beliefs and ideas about myself.
  4. I release my attachments and let them go.
  5. The universe loves me deeply.
  6. I have a strong connection to my higher self.
  7. I am capable of achieving anything I focus on.
  8. I am linked to the entirety of existence.
  9. I comprehend my life’s purpose.
  10. I am a being of spirituality.
  11. Everything is alright.
  12. I gain wisdom from all of my life’s experiences.
  13. I am in harmony with the universe.
  14. I have faith in my inner voice.
  15. I live in the current moment.
  16. I have love and appreciation for myself.
  17. I am a being of love and illumination.
  18. I am open to receiving endless blessings from the universe.
  19. I raise my consciousness to new heights.
  20. The universe’s energy shields and guards me.
  21. I am tranquil and serene.
  22. I have faith in the journey.
  23. My spiritual vision is clear.
  24. I am receptive to the universe’s abundance.
  25. I am selfless in my actions.
  26. I have confidence in and follow my intuition.
  27. I am illuminated and aware.
  28. I am motivated and stimulated.
  29. I surpass my limiting beliefs.
  30. I accept myself completely and unconditionally.
  31. I honor my body as a sacred temple.
  32. I give myself permission to heal and recover.
  33. I embrace and welcome change.
  34. I am the embodiment of love.
  35. Every day, I learn to love myself more and more.
  36. I treasure my soul and essence.
  37. My life flows with ease and elegance.
  38. I have faith that everything is as it should be.
  39. I am willing to forgive myself and others.
  40. I focus my attention on positivity.
  41. Each day, I experience joy and gratitude.
  42. I acknowledge and appreciate the abundance in my life.
  43. I surround myself with uplifting energy.
  44. I trust that my higher purpose is being fulfilled now.
  45. I am willing to learn from the pain in my life.
  46. I see my current circumstances as an opportunity for growth and learning.
  47. I am directed by the universe.
  48. I am centered and composed.
  49. I am connected to an infinite source of abundance.
  50. I am connected to an infinite source of love.
  51. I am connected to an infinite source of happiness.
  52. I am authentic and genuine.
  53. I am open to new perspectives and ideas.
  54. I am always true to my values and principles.
  55. I am aligned with my soul’s mission and purpose.
  56. I am willing to be at peace with myself, others, and the universe.
  57. I am capable of overcoming any obstacle or challenge.
  58. I am cherished and valued by the universe.
  59. I take inspired and purposeful actions each day to achieve my aspirations.
  60. I relinquish control and trust in the greater good.
  61. I acknowledge my role in everything that occurs in my life.
  62. I am kind and compassionate to myself and others.
  63. I am a spiritual being having a human experience.
  64. Everything that I require is already within me.
  65. I am a perpetual and infinite entity.
  66. I release the past and its hold over me.
  67. My true strength and power is in the present moment.
  68. Every aspect of my life is in harmony and balance.
  69. My mind is lucid and receptive.
  70. I am on the path to enlightenment and awareness.
  71. I always listen to the wisdom of my inner voice.
  72. I release fear and embrace peace and calmness.
  73. I open my heart to the guidance of the universe and its messages.
  74. My spirit is calm and tranquil.
  75. I am grateful for all the blessings and gifts in my life.
  76. My life is magnificent and magnificent.
  77. I am serene and composed.
  78. My life is a precious and priceless treasure.
  79. I am appreciative and thankful for all that I have.
  80. Everything happens for a greater purpose and reason.
  81. I release all anxiety and concerns.
  82. I claim my power and move beyond any limitations.
  83. I love and cherish all living beings.
  84. I trust the universe to guide me in all that I do.
  85. I relinquish anything that no longer serves me.
  86. I welcome and embrace all of life’s experiences.
  87. I am peaceful and confident that everything I know what to do to achieve success.
  88. I am capable of achieving success and I trust myself to make the right decisions.
  89. Joy fills my life and I am grateful for all the blessings that come my way.
  90. I surrender control and trust that the universe will guide me on the right path.
  91. My spirit is awakened and I am filled with inner wisdom and understanding.
  92. I am free from negative thoughts and emotions, and I embrace the beauty of life.
  93. My spirit is limitless, and I am connected to the infinite universe.
  94. The universe sends me positive energy, and I am open to receiving it with gratitude.
  95. My spirit is sacred and worthy of love and respect.
  96. I release my fears and trust that everything will work out for my highest good.
  97. I let go of worries about the future and trust that the universe has a plan for me.
  98. I honor and accept myself for who I am, and I am proud of my unique qualities and talents.
  99. I trust that the universe is guiding me towards my highest purpose, and I am excited for what lies ahead.
  100. My amethyst crystal helps me connect with my higher self and access my inner wisdom.

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