Amazonite Smoky Quartz Properties

Oftentimes, amazonite and smoky quartz form together, creating beautiful pieces.  Mostly, amazonite will overwhelm the crystal with its amazing bluish-green color, however, the smoky quartz isn’t to be ignored as you will see slight inclusions in most pieces. In some cases, you can even find specs of lepidolite.  Most of the amazonite smoky quartz you find will come as a sphere, raw/polished slab or shaped as a tower.

It is said that when these two crystals are combined, it creates a powerful energy, mainly helping with your emotional stability, confidence and even communication.

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Amazonite smoky quartz properties

When you blend the two, you can take advantage of both properties in a sense.

Soothing: Amazonite is known to be a crystal that helps soothe the soul.  It’s named after the Amazon river, however, no deposits have ever been found nearby.  It was named so because it was said to radiate powerful energies, all while giving you hope and courage to succeed in whatever it may be you’re looking to accomplish.  As a soothing stone, it may be able to help you emotionally as well as spiritually.

Supportive:  It’s associated with the throat chakra, mainly known as a supportive stone, especially for those who suffer from stressful events.   This association also helps you speak the truth clearly with clarity.  If you’re having a hard time with difficult conversations, it may be able to help.

Protective:  Smoky quartz, on the other hand, is said to be more of a protective stone.  Spiritualists say that it helps you in times of stress as well as when you’re experiencing an emotional breakdown.  It’s also said to be a crystal that helps guide you to eliminate any negative energy coming your way.  It’s a very powerful energetic stone that absorbs negative energies that your body may not be able to handle.  Put simply, it’s an invisible positivity shield that may be able to provide you with positive vibes only.

Strength:  Smoky quartz may even bring out your inner strength, getting rid of that worry you may often feel.  It’s associated with the root chakra, as it’s said to be one of the best grounding stones that can help balance your physical, mental and emotional state.

Amazonite smoky quartz benefits

  • said to be a soothing stone, both spiritually and emotionally
  • can help balance your emotions, providing balance in your life
  • a soothing stone that may be able to help with stressful events
  • protective stone, keeping negative vibes away
  • keeps you stable in a time of need (think stressful situations)
  • brings out your inner strength so you don’t doubt yourself
  • may be able to help you speak with confidence – gives you a clear communication picture

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