Zeolites for Sale

Zeolite Quick Notes

Zeolite is a group of stones, about 45 types, as well as 100 synthetic forms, which include some of the most popular types such as apophyllite, scolecite and stilbite. Each stone will have varying characteristics as well as metaphysical properties, each of which look very unique. Colors and composition will be different.

Historically, these stones were buried near crops as it was said to help keep away any negative energy, helping the crops thrive. It was also used in ancient civilizations to help purify water, most notably during the Roman era. The term “zeolite” comes from the words “boil” (zeo) and “stone” (lithos), deemed by a mineralogist when he witnessed steam coming from Stilbite while rapidly heating it.

Zeolites come from volcanic rocks as well as the ashy layers when they react with the alkaline ground water. These zeolites will then crystalize in shallow basins, often alongside quartz, calcite and apophyllite. Mainly, zeolites are mined in India and this is where you will find some of the most unique specimens on the market.

Metaphysically, zeolites are said to dispel negative energies as well as help with your mental state, creating a positive vibe. As this is a family of stones, each one of the many types of specimens have varying metaphysical properties. They are connected to your crown chakra as it can help balance your energies as well as purify your soul.