Yellow Apatite Crystal Meaning (And Benefits)

The yellow apatite crystal is a mineral that belongs to the apatite group and is known for its striking yellow color.  It’s a phosphate mineral that contains calcium, fluorine, and chlorine and is commonly found in igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks.

Metaphysically, yellow apatite is said to help enhance your creativity, clear your mind as well as bring confidence to your life.  This alone makes it a top choice for crystal collectors.

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In today’s guide, let’s explore what this crystal is good for as well as how you can introduce it to your life to take advantage of the many benefits it brings.

What is yellow apatite good for?

Like most crystals, yellow apatite is said to have many beneficial properties, both physical as well as metaphysical.  These are some of the most commonly recognized benefits this crystal can bring:

Boosts creativity:  Yellow apatite is widely believed to stimulate your intellect and help enhance your mental clarity.  This may be able to help you overcome any mental blockages as well as promote creativity.

Increases your confidence:  It’s a crystal that’s also said to help boost your self confidence as well as your self esteem.  This could help you speak your truth as well as help you speak freely.

Enhances physical vitality: Yellow apatite is also said to help increase your physical energy and stamina, which could give you a better sense of well being.

Yellow apatite metaphysical properties

Yellow apatite is also believed to have a myriad of metaphysical properties, which makes it a popular choice for crystal healers.  Here are some of the metaphysical properties associated with yellow apatite:

Clears negative energies:  Like many crystals, yellow apatite is said to have a purifying effect on the aura, which may be able to help repel any negative energies nearby.

Communication:  Many believe that it has a positive effect on communication, which simply means you can resolve conflicts easier.

Manifestation:  Yellow apatite is also said to have wonderful powerful manifestation energies, which can help your goals and desires come true.

Spiritual growth:  It’s said to help enhance your spiritual growth, which means it may be able to connect you with your higher self.  In turn, this can help promote your spiritual growth and development.

Third eye chakra:  Yellow apatite closely resonates with the third eye chakra, which is the chakra responsible for what you “see” in life.  In simulating this chakra, it may be able to help enhance your intuition and psychic ability.

What is the spiritual meaning of yellow apatite?

Yellow apatite has many spiritual meanings and associations, mostly based on its yellow color.  This includes the following:

Happiness:  The yellow color is often associated with sun, warmth and happiness.  This is said to bring a positive and uplifting energy that promotes feelings of joy.

Self discovery:  Yellow apatite is said to help connect you with your inner self and gain a deeper understanding of yourself.

Vitality:  It’s said to have a revitalizing and energizing effect on the spirit, which may help increase your vitality, motivation, and enthusiasm for life.

Yellow apatite benefits

  • boosts your creativity
  • increases your confidence
  • enhances physical vitality
  • clears negative energies
  • great manifestation stone
  • positive effect on communication
  • stimulates the third eye chakra
  • promotes spiritual growth

How rare is yellow apatite?

Generally, yellow apatite is considered to be a rarer type of apatite.  While apatite is a commonly found mineral, often found in many parts of the world, this particular color is much rarer than most other colors as it’s found in smaller quantities.

Mainly, yellow apatite is found in Brazil, Mexico, and Madagascar, but it has been found in the United States, Canada as well as Ruiss.

Overall, yellow apatite is less common that some other types, but it’s still accessible.

Yellow apatite price

The price of yellow apatite can vary depending on many factors, such as the quality of the crystal, its size and weight, and its rarity. As with many other types of crystals, the price of yellow apatite can also be influenced by market demand and availability.

Usually, smaller raw pieces will cost about $5 to $20, whereas your higher quality, rarer types, can fetch a price as high as $100.  Jewelry, such as bracelets or rings, can greatly range from $100 to more than $1,000, depending on the factors mentioned prior.

Yellow apatite zodiac

There’s no “official” zodiac sign that yellow apatite is associated with, however, most believe that it closely resonates with the following signs:

Aries:  It’s sometimes associated with the Aries sign, as it may help promote courage, motivation, and a pioneering spirit.

Gemini:  Yellow apatite may help promote mental clarity and communication skills for those born under this sign.

Leo:  It’s said to help enhance a Leo’s natural creativity, confidence and leadership qualities.

Libra:  Yellow apatite is often considered a secondary birthstone for those born as a Libra (September 23 – October 22).  It could help promote balance and harmony, bringing positivity to relationships.

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