Yellow Agate: Meaning and Benefits

The yellow agate crystal is one of the many colored agates you can find on planet Earth. No matter the color, agates are abundant and are often used for a variety of purposes, from tumbling them into simple stones to faceting them into amazing rings and bracelets. You can also find them as bookends, towers or as a polished slab you simply display inside of your home on a stand.

Historically, yellow agate has been used for centuries, mainly for its healing properties. It was also wildly believed that the yellow in the stone represented the sun, which meant energy for the soul. Throughout history, these yellow agates were used as jewelry as it was believed that they could help ward off negative spirits and even deadly illnesses. The same thoughts exist today.

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Yellow agate meaning

Building courage:  Yellow agate is said to be a revitalizing crystal that’s perfect for building courage and confidence as well as bringing prosperity into your life. If you want to build your self confidence as well your self esteem, this stone is believed to bring positivity into your life, raising your happiness level over time. If you want to overcome any obstacle in your way, it’s one to keep in mind.

Stabilizing:  It’s also said to help stabilize your aura, all while shielding any negative energy that may be around. It’s one of the reasons this particular stone has been worn as jewelry for hundreds of years. As stated, it has been said for centuries that this stone can help ward off any negative energies, from spirits to diseases.

Concentration:  Yellow agate is said to help increase your cognitive function, allowing you to concentrate and analyze data much more clearer. It’s said to help calm and soothe your soul, all while releasing any tension that you may be feeling at the time. Yellow agate can help clear your mind, allowing you to see your thoughts much clearer in a positive way.

Reduce stress:  It may be able to help reduce your anxiety and stress, as it can help you view life more positively, sometimes allowing your mind to open to new ideas. You can take control of your life and manifest your dream desires.

Yellow agate benefits

  • helps boost your confidence, self esteem and courage
  • brings happiness and joy into your life
  • builds your intelligence, all while bringing strength to your soul
  • maintains balance, all while attacking fears
  • said to cleanse and stabilize your aura, helping eliminate any negative energy that comes your way
  • heals built up tension, creating a safety net
  • a self-healing stone said to emotionally balance you, all while relieving stress
  • helps you see the positive side of the situation
  • stimulates your imagination

Yellow agate spiritual meaning

Like most agates, the yellow agate stone will help keep you grounded when times are tough. It’s able to help you stay safe, and secure and keep you calm during turbulent times. It’s also said to help reduce stress and anxiety, which helps keep your emotional balance in check. As known as the “universal stone of healing,” it’s said to help heal emotional wounds of both the past and present, allowing you to focus more on the positives that are about to come your way in life.

Yellow agate chakra

Yellow agate is said to be associated with your solar plexus chakra, which is your third chakra that’s located in your stomach area. It’s responsible for your power and ability to take action in life. Whenever you feel that your third chakra is in balance, you can feel more confident and empowered in life. It allows you to manifest what you want to as well as take control of your life in getting what you want. If you’re unable to balance this part of your body, you may feel as if you have no power or simply lack confidence. You may also find it hard to make decisions.

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Yellow agate price

The price of yellow agate greatly depends on what you’re looking to purchase.

Smaller tumbled stones, no bigger than an inch, will retail for less than $3, on average. A natural yellow geode, about a few ounces or so, can retail for around $20. Cut stones used for a necklaces can retail for a few dollars, whereas necklaces and rings can start at $15 and increase from there, again, depending on quality.

Seeing just about any agate is available, you shouldn’t expect to pay top dollar for a high-quality piece.

Types of yellow agate

Yellow crazy lace agate: Also known as an Mexican Agate. This is a form of banded chalcedony that’s infused with aluminum and iron, which creates a bright yellow inclusion as well as other colors such as brown, black, grey and gold.

Yellow moss agate: Formed with silicon dioxide and is a form of chalcedony, which mainly includes minerals green in color, hence, the name “moss.” You can also find it in mostly yellow.

Yellow cat agate: This is a Jurassic-era piece of petrified wood, mainly found in Eastern Utah. This isn’t a form of chalcedony; rather, it’s petrified wood, famous for its intense yellow colors. It’s just mentioned here, seeing it’s known as a “yellow agate.”

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