Where Should I Keep My Amethyst?

If you’re looking to get the most out of your amethyst inside of your home, you may be wondering where you should place your amethyst.

The answer varies because it greatly depends on how you want to use it.

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All crystals, including amethyst, are said to have powers that serve a purpose, and there are endless possibilities of where you can place them.

In today’s guide, let’s explore the many places you can keep your amethyst as well as some answers to popular questions you may have.

Where should I put amethyst in my room?

Amethyst is a very powerful gemstone and it’s highly regarded, mostly for the peace it brings.  While it’s known for its beauty, it’s mainly known as a calming stone and it’s recommended that you place it wherever you feel you need “peace,” particularly where you feel restless.  Primarily, this can be your bedroom or even a place where you relax throughout the day, such as a living room.

The presence of amethyst is said to help you meditate as well as bring you calming thoughts.  Some even say it can help you recall your dreams, which means your nightstand near your bed could a great place to keep it.

Associated with calming, amethyst is closely regarded as a stress relief stone.  If you’re looking to relieve stress in any which way, amethyst may be able to help you, as spiritualists mention that it’s the best all-around choice.

Overall, consider placing it in the following areas:

  • Bedroom:  Placing an amethyst in your bedroom may help with a peaceful night’s rest.
  • Meditation space:  If you have a meditation space in your house, it’s said to enhance spiritual awareness, making a great addition.
  • Living room:  Placing an amethyst in a common area is said to help create a peaceful/calm environment.
  • Office:  If you work from home, keeping an amethyst on your desk could help with your mental clarity.
  • Yoga/Workout room:  If you have a workout room, an amethyst may be able to create a calming energy, which is beneficial for your yoga sessions.
  • Windowsill:  Placing an amethyst on a windowsill can help it absorb the sunlight, amplifying the positive energy.

For optimal benefits, however, it’s recommended you keep it in your bedroom as close as you can get to where you sleep.

Can you keep amethyst in your room?


As mentioned, amethyst is a protective stone and it’s best to place an amethyst either on the headboard of your bed or on your nightstand as close as possible to you when you’re sleeping.  In doing so, people have noted that this can help relieve stress as well as keep you feeling calm throughout the night.

It’s a very calming stone and it should be used as so.  While it’s great to place in a living room or kitchen, placing it in your bedroom should bring you the best benefits, as this is the best way to receive the crystal’s energy.

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What are the benefits of keeping amethyst at home?

  • promotes calmness and relaxation
  • enhances spiritual awareness
  • may improve your sleep due to calming energy
  • said to help with stimulating your imagination
  • protects you from negative energies
  • may improve your mental clarity
  • enhances overall well-being

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