Vanadinite for Sale

Vanadinite Quick Notes

Vanadinite is one of the most unique crystals on the market due to its stunning bright ruby red and orange/brown crystal colors. These colors were formed from oxidation zones of lead deposits, and when viewed up close, it almost looks surreal, as each crystal is perfectly formed.

Composed of 73.2% lead and 10.8% vanadium, vanadinite can be toxic only if absorbed by the blood stream; however, if you have it sitting on a shelf, it poses no harm. You would have to grind it into a dust for a hazard to be considered. Even though lead can be extracted from the crystals, the value is held more in the aesthetics rather than its chemical composition.

First discovered in 1801, Vanadinite is mainly mined in the United States, primarily Arizona, but you can also find it in Morocco, Mexico, South Africa, and Austria as well.