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Natural citrine is pretty uncommon. It’s a clear, yellow type of quartz that can vary in color from a light yellow to a darker brownish shade. You might even see some rainbows or tiny minerals inside the stone. The name “citrine” actually comes from a French word that means “lemon.” People have been using it as a gemstone for a really long time; think as far back as ancient Greece around 300 B.C.

A lot of the citrine you’ll find for sale isn’t the real deal. Often, it’s actually amethyst that’s been heated up to change its color to something more like citrine. Real citrine will lose its yellow color and turn white if you heat it above 200°C, but the color comes back if it gets exposed to specific types of radiation.

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What gives citrine its color?

Well, it’s a mix of the stone being irradiated and some special ingredients that are part of its crystal structure. It’s not because of other minerals mixed in, although it can contain tiny amounts of aluminum. Sometimes, citrine has a smoky color, which happens when there’s a certain mix of aluminum and lithium in the stone. Less lithium makes the stone more yellow, while more lithium makes it darker or even smoky.

In today’s guide, let’s discuss smoky citrine and see what it can do for your life.

What is smoky citrine?

Smoky citrine is a variety of quartz that combines the attributes of smoky quartz and citrine. These two types of quartz occur naturally and are related in their chemical composition, which is primarily silicon dioxide.

The difference between the two primarily lies in their color, which is determined by trace elements and natural irradiation. While citrine has a yellow to golden or even orangish color, smoky quartz ranges from a light smoky gray to almost black.

Smoky citrine exhibits a blend of these colors, typically manifesting as a yellow or golden crystal that gradually transitions into smoky or dark brown/black shades. It is believed to possess the metaphysical properties of both citrine and smoky quartz.

Is smoky citrine real citrine?

The term “smoky citrine,” as noted, refers to a quartz crystal that exhibits characteristics of both smoky quartz and citrine. Quartz is a naturally occurring mineral, and citrine is a yellow-to-golden variety of quartz. Smoky quartz is a brown-to-black variety of quartz. Smoky citrine is typically a quartz crystal that exhibits a gradient of color, ranging from the yellow or golden hues characteristic of citrine to the darker brown or black hues of smoky quartz.

Both citrine and smoky quartz are real, naturally occurring varieties of quartz. In the case of smoky citrine, you essentially have a single crystal that embodies attributes of both citrine and smoky quartz.

However, it’s worth noting that the market does contain a lot of heat-treated amethyst labeled as citrine. Natural citrine is relatively rare compared to its purple counterpart, amethyst, and some unscrupulous sellers may try to pass off heat-treated amethyst as citrine or even smoky citrine. Heat-treated amethyst will often have a more reddish or orange tint compared to natural citrine.

So, while smoky citrine can absolutely be “real” citrine, it’s important to verify the origins and treatment history of the stone if you are concerned about its natural versus treated status.

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Smoky citrine metaphysical properties

Good luck and calmness:  Citrine is considered a very special crystal in spiritual circles. People believe it brings good luck and calmness. It helps make wishes come true and removes fear, changing how you see the good and bad in life. Smoky citrine, a special variety, helps us understand life’s ups and downs and how things have to end to make way for new beginnings.

Strong inner energy:  This crystal is also thought to give us a strong inner energy, connecting us deeply to the Earth. This energy boost is great when you’re trying to make things happen in your life. Citrine also provides a sort of energy shield that not only protects you but also helps you connect with higher spiritual realms, making you more in tune with divine guidance.

Turning a negative into a positive:  Smoky citrines are special in that they can turn negative vibes into positive, growth-promoting energy. They help you see things from a new angle, making you more open to growth and understanding. These stones are like gatekeepers of ancient wisdom and can even help you connect with other worlds.  This gemstone is like a sponge for negativity. It clears away the bad vibes around you and replaces them with uplifting energies, often referred to as the Golden or Yellow Ray. These rays symbolize higher wisdom, letting go of unneeded thoughts or emotions, and sparking creativity. So, this crystal essentially teaches you about love, wisdom, enlightenment, and even how to find peace and joy in life.

Keeps you grounded:  It’s said to be really good for keeping you grounded—that means it helps you feel stable and connected to the Earth.  The reason it’s so good for grounding is that it’s essentially a mix of earth’s rich elements like mud, clay, soil, and ash. Having smoky quartz nearby is like planting a seed in fertile soil; it encourages your inner roots to grow strong.

Staying organized:  If you’re the sort of person who needs a little help staying organized or making your dreams come true, smoky quartz can be your go-to stone. It’s especially good for your root chakra, which is the energy center that connects you to the Earth. Plus, if you meditate, smoky quartz can help raise your energy to a higher level.

The spiritual meaning of smoky citrine

Smoky citrines offer deep spiritual insight, teaching us about the eternal self and how to achieve a higher level of awareness. They show us how to use love to mix both light and dark energies creatively. These stones are pretty versatile—they can help ground you while also lifting your energy. They interact with all your energy centers, helping to clean and align them, and are generally thought to bring peace, prosperity, and good luck into your life.

Is smoky citrine rare?

The rarity of smoky citrine can vary depending on a number of factors such as the quality of the crystal, the depth and clarity of its color, and whether it is a natural stone or a treated one.

Natural citrine itself is relatively rare compared to other varieties of quartz like amethyst or clear quartz. Smoky quartz is more common but still sought after for its unique coloration and properties. A quartz crystal that naturally exhibits characteristics of both citrine and smoky quartz within the same stone can be considered relatively uncommon.

However, again, it is worth noting that many stones sold as smoky citrine may actually be heat-treated or otherwise artificially altered to produce their characteristic color gradient. The process involves taking amethyst or smoky quartz crystals and subjecting them to high temperatures to induce a color change. Such treated stones are generally more common and less valued than natural smoky citrine.

Smoky citrine vs citrine

Both smoky citrine and citrine are varieties of quartz, and they share many similarities due to their common base mineral. However, they also have distinct characteristics that set them apart, primarily in terms of color, energy attributes (in the realm of crystal metaphysics), and sometimes rarity.


Citrine: This is a yellow-to-golden or even lemon-colored variety of quartz. The color is usually uniform throughout the crystal.

Smoky Citrine: This variety has a gradient of color that ranges from the yellow or golden hues of citrine to the darker, smoky hues that characterize smoky quartz. The gradient can occur in various patterns, but it generally gives the crystal a layered or transitional look between the two colors.

Metaphysical Properties:

Citrine: Traditionally associated with abundance, prosperity, and positivity. It’s often used in practices that aim to attract wealth and opportunities.

Smoky Citrine: Believed to combine the properties of both citrine and smoky quartz. While it’s thought to retain citrine’s qualities of manifesting abundance and positivity, it also allegedly adds smoky quartz’s grounding and protective energies.


Citrine: Natural citrine is relatively rare. A lot of commercial citrine is actually heat-treated amethyst or smoky quartz.

Smoky Citrine: A natural smoky citrine, where the gradient of colors occurs without human intervention, can be relatively rare and therefore more valued by collectors or practitioners.


Citrine: Often used in jewelry and for ornamental purposes. In metaphysical practices, it might be used in meditations focused on prosperity and positivity.

Smoky Citrine: Used similarly but may also be chosen for practices focusing on grounding or spiritual protection, thanks to its smoky quartz component.

Smoky citrine benefits

  • Abundance and Prosperity: Inherits citrine’s ability to attract wealth and opportunities.
  • Positivity: Believed to amplify positive energy and thoughts, similar to citrine.
  • Grounding: Inherits smoky quartz’s quality of grounding emotional and psychic energy.
  • Protection: Often associated with smoky quartz’s ability to offer spiritual and emotional protection.
  • Energy Clearing: Thought to help clear negative energies from one’s environment.
  • Emotional Balance: Believed to help stabilize emotions and reduce stress.
  • Enhances Intuition: Some claim it aids in heightening psychic and intuitive abilities.

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