Septarian for Sale

Septarian, sometimes referred to as the dragon stone, is unique in that they contain cracks and cavities which are filled with various minerals, mainly yellow calcite and aragonite. Other minerals, such as pyrite, barite and even marcasite can appear as well. Sometimes, you can even seem remnants of fossils, most of which are millions of years old when the mineral matter was formed. These minerals combined can form unique patterns, making for a great display piece, almost looking like a dragon.

Septarian are found in sedimentary rocks from all around the world. As long as there’s water, calcium-rich mud and what’s known as bentonite mud, you can find it, usually 20+ feet beneath the ground. This stone is primarily mined in the United States, mainly Utah, as well as Morocco, Madagascar, the United Kingdom as well as New Zealand.

Metaphysically, septarian correlates with your lower charkas, mainly as a grounding stone. This crystal is ideal if you’re looking for both confidence and stabilizing energy in your life. Almost all lower chakras are enabled by this stone and can help you find the right balance when you’re facing challenges.

These septarian nodule crystals are usually used for decorative purposes and are commonly polished into eggs, hearts, spheres, free forms and much more.