Ruby Kyanite Meaning and Properties

Ruby kyanite is a rare blend of a red ruby stone and blue kyanite. This isn’t a single mineral, but rather, it’s a rock.  This combination stone is found wherever rubies are mined and will mostly be found in India, sometimes alongside fuchsite.

Having been around since the early 1990s, ruby kyanite offers a variety of metaphysical properties, to which most people are drawn to.  However, many are attracted to it for decorative purposes as well.  Popular pieces include spheres, beads, towers, bracelets, palm stones and even in its raw form.

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Ruby kyanite meaning

Alignment:  Ruby kyanite is known for its way to align and energize all of your chakras, which may help you feel more refreshed and prepared for any situation life brings.  This alignment can lead to a more harmonious balance of energy within the body, making you feel more resilient and ready for any of your challenges in life.

Clarity:  This gemstone is said to help clear your thoughts as well as improve communication, particularly your emotional needs.  It’s said to help reveal the truth, even if it’s something you don’t want to face.  It can even make yourself more honest with your soul as well as others.

Courage:  Ruby, which is known for its passion, can infuse a sense of bravery into your soul.  It may inspire you to take action toward your higher good, fostering a spirit of adventure and curiosity.

Grounding:  It may aid in grounding and channeling higher vibrations.

Emotional balance:  Kyanite is a stone that’s known for its calming properties as well as aiding in emotional healing by encouraging more than one viewpoint.

Protection:  Ruby kyanite is said to be used for protection during spiritual practices such as shamanic journeying and astral travel.  It’s said to help maintain a strong connection to the physical body all while letting your spirit explore.

Rejuvenation:  Ruby in kyanite is believed to rejuvenate your energy body, radiating positive energy throughout the auric field.

Ruby kyanite properties:

Color:  Ruby, a red variety of the mineral corundum, and kyanite, a typically blue silicate mineral.

Crystal system:  Triclinic

Hardness:  5.5-7

Luster: Vitreous

Streak: Colorless

Chakra association:  Heart and throat

Where does ruby kyanite come from?

Pure ruby will be mined at a secondary deposit near a gravel bed of a river.  Ruby combination stones, however, will be mined at the primary location and removed directly from the bedrock, which can include pits and tunnels.

Ruby combination stones can be found anywhere rubies grow, but most of your deposits will be found in India.  The Czech Republic, Greece, Norway and Russia are other notable locations.

Mostly, these combination stones will not be of gem quality since they were left in their matrix, however, they are completely natural.

Ruby kyanite zodiac

Ruby kyanite is associated with many zodiac signs but it mainly aligns with the Aries and Taurus sign.

Aries, for instance, is a sign of initiative and courage, both traits that are bolstered by ruby kyanite. The stone can help Aries individuals channel their energetic drive in a balanced way.

Taurus signs, on the other hand, often appreciate the physical world and comfort, and this crystal can aid in providing emotional stability and grounding, which appeals to their nature.

It can associate with other signs as well, such as Leo, Libra and Scorpio, but it seems like a crystal that can be enjoyed by any sign.

Can ruby kyanite go in water?

Generally, you will want to avoid prolonged exposure to water, as this can damage or weaken the gemstone over time.

While this gemstone is relatively hard, the structure of the combined stone may be vulnerable, especially if it has been enhanced.  Because of this, it’s best to cleanse it with either burning sage or even burying it in the earth.  If need be, a simple rinse to clear any residue can work, but be sure to pat it dry immediately after.

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