Rose Quartz and Amethyst Together (Meaning)

Amethyst and rose quartz, commonly referred to as attraction stones, are two crystals commonly used together for meditation and it’s for a good reason.

These two have been long touted as being one of the most important spiritual valuable gems that you can either wear or keep inside your home.  According to ancient history, it’s said that these two have been beneficial to help you reach your full potential.

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When you incorporate crystals into your life, it’s important to get the most out of them as well as understand how the energies work.  Like a recipe, you can create a masterpiece, or sometimes, a disaster.  It’s important to know how these energies work.

In this guide, let’s explore what rose quartz and amethyst together mean as well as what makes these energies so unique.  Let’s also explore the many benefits and how they can aid you in your life today.

Rose quartz

First, let’s talk about rose quartz briefly.

This is a crystal known as a love stone because it’s said to help promote self love, compassion and forgive your past.  It may be able to help you get past your past and forgive yourself for any mistake that you made.  Simply put, it can help forward you in life in a positive way.

Rose quartz is open to all sorts of love, including yourself, your family as well as your friends.  If you can love it, rose quartz may help it.


Amethyst is more of a peaceful and protective stone, as it’s said to help calm your mind as well as maybe ease any anxiety you may have.

Like rose quartz and many other crystals, it is a calming stone, making it a nice crystal option for those who are dealing with stressful situations.  As a protector, it may help stop energy from anyone who may drain you.

Is it okay to put rose quartz and amethyst together?

Yes, it’s okay to use these two crystals together, as they are said to work together beautifully.  Even though they are both believed to have their own properties, these properties can be enhanced when combined, creating a more balanced and harmonious energy field.

Rose quartz is more of a stone that’s geared toward love and compassion, whereas amethyst is more of a stone that’s used for protection.  Amethyst is also used for awareness, intuition and inner peace.

When you combine these two stones, however, they can create a very positive energy field, which may be able to help promote calmness, emotional balance as well as grow you spiritually.  Combined, it can almost help create a sense of relaxation and is ideal for anyone who needs improvement in the relationship department or you need to tune down your life.

If you’re looking for a stone combination to align your heart and crown chakra, then this pair is one to highly consider.  Put simply, it’s a combination to help facilitate a deep, more spiritual love attraction with others as well as yourself.

Rose quartz and amethyst together meaning

Balancing the yin and yang:  When these two crystals are combined, they can create many benefits, one of which is balancing the yin and yang energies in the body.  These two stones can create a powerful energy barrier of both protection and love when used together.

Love:  Rose quartz is geared more toward unconditional love, but when combined with amethyst, it can bring peace to a relationship.  The two combined can create a powerful force of love, helping you open both heart and crown chakra.  Mainly, these two combinations are known to maybe help with almost all relationship problems.

Clarity: The two together are said to help clear your thoughts as well as soothe any emotional trauma from the past.  Picture it as a peaceful stone combination that makes it easier to meditate.

Soothing: Rose quartz can help open the heart chakra, whereas amethyst focuses more on the crown chakra.  Combined, this can help soothe the mind, maybe bringing you a sense of calmness as well as spreading love.

Focus:  This powerful combination can also help focus on yourself, creating more love, which is said to help boost your self confidence.

Meditation:  As a successful meditation stone, these two may be able to reduce your stress, and it’s the main reason many turn to this combination.

Protection:  It’s a combination stone of protection, which is said to help create a barrier that can help dispel any negative energy in your aura.  Combine the two and it can help amplify this shield.

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Rose quartz and amethyst benefits

  • balances the yin and yang energies
  • brings peace to any relationship important to you, either platonic and romantic
  • clears the mind as well as soothes the soul
  • promote inner peace, making it easier to meditate
  • helps with unconditional love and acceptance
  • help improve your outlook on life by raising your spirits

What is amethyst and rose quartz used for?

If you’re going through a breakup or you’re struggling with a relationship, then spiritualists will recommend this combination, as it can help you understand your situation with a logical approach.  It’s said you won’t be clouded with self doubt nor will you talk yourself down.

If you need forgiveness, these stones are both gentle, offering a nurturing energy, which can almost make you feel as if you’re getting an energized hug.

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