Rhodonite for Sale

Rhodonite Quick Notes

Rhodonite is a manganese silicate mineral that comes in a variety of shades, ranging from a very pale pink to a deeper red. It’s mixed with a variety of minerals such as calcite, iron and magnesium, and was founded in the early 1800’s. The name derives from the Greek word, “rose,” and as you guessed, it was named after the pink color, which resembles that of a rose. Originally, it was found in the Ural Mountains, located in Russia, however, as over time, it has been found in other parts of the world, such as the United States, Brazil, Madagascar and Mexico, to name a few.

Metaphysically, rhodonite is known to clear away emotional wounds as well as scars from the past, helping you emotionally heal. It’s said to be a very nurturing stone that helps clear and activate your heart, and it’s the reason it’s commonly referred to as the compassionate love stone. It can ground you, balance your ying-yang as well as help you get the confidence necessary to achieve your dreams. If you feel as if your heart’s wall is crumbling away, the glow of this stone can put up healthy protection walls, allowing your heart to be at peace again.