Kundalini Citrine


This listing is for (1) Kundalini citrine.  What you see in the picture is the Kundalini citrine that you will receive.  These are 100% natural. Please scroll down to the description to see more details.  If any questions, please reach out to us!

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This is an absolutely stunning kundalini citrine crystal from the Democratic Republic of Congo! I just love the natural citrine color. Most citrine that is sold, is heated amethyst (which can be found in my shop). What makes this pieces extra special is that the natural citrine color is created by the Earth instead. This beautiful citrine specimen stands nicely with its cut base and has lovely crystals throughout. You will see that most of the faces include raw citrine crystal, though few have been smoothed out and polished.

This gorgeous citrine cluster, or what some people refer to as the wealth crystal or crystal for abundance and manifestation, would make a wonderful gift for someone, would be a lovely addition to any crystal collection and would also be a beautiful home decor crystal. Citrine is the one the top crystals for Leos! <3

This genuine citrine crystal measures:

Weight: 9.4 ounces (268 grams)

Length: about 2.75 inches

Height: about 2.75 inches

*As always, please review the measurements carefully! 🙂

This beautiful citrine cluster you see in the pictures is the kundalini citrine you will receive. Thank you so much for visiting my shop! <3

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