Pink Moss Agate Properties and Benefits

In comparison to agate, moss agate isn’t banded, so scientifically, it isn’t an agate, however, it’s part of the agate family.  This is a semi-precious gemstone that was formed by silicon dioxide and is considered to be a variety of chalcedony, which is part of the quartz family.  Usually, most moss agate is a milky white color with slight iron and/or manganese inclusions, which form patterns that are similar to that of moss.  Mainly, moss agate is green; however, some crystals, because of their chemical composition, can display a pink hue.  Pink moss agate will be more of a pink peach with what seems like clouds spread among the surface when viewed up close.

Pink moss agate meaning

Self expression:  Pink moss agate is known to help promote your self expression as well as your communication.  It’s the perfect crystal if you’re looking to strike a balance between both your work and personal life.

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Balance emotions: As a stone that’s said to balance your emotions, which means it can balance both your positive and negative energies.  It can help dispel fears, all while helping you cope with stressful situations.  It’s also said to help you build trust in life, whether it’s a relationship or a situation.  It’s a gentler stone that emits a loving vibration.

Balancing: Put simply, moss agate is said to be the perfect balancing stone, helping you balance your physical, intellectual and emotional energies.  Hold it in your hand and allow it to help you release any negative energy you may have been building over time.

Creativity:  It’s said to be a stone that can help enhance your creativity as well as self expression.  This self confidence boost can help balance and energize yourself, helping promote your overall well being.

Pink moss agate healing benefits

  • helps promote your self expression and communication
  • releases fear and helps you cope with your stress
  • said to help you build trust and confidence
  • may help in balancing your physical, intellectual and emotional energies
  • promotes love
  • helps you stay focused while increasing your concentration
  • deeply connected to nature, just like other moss agate crystals
  • associated with starting new relationships
  • brings a positive transformation to your life, allowing you to calm your mind

Pink moss agate chakra

Pink moss agate is said to be connected to your heart chakra, which is the fourth primary chakra.  If you look at the pink color, it resonates with the heart, said to be very loving, allowing you to live a stable, loving life.  When this chakra is blocked, you may suffer emotionally as well as have low energy.  This crystal stone is said to be a positive cloud of supportive energy so that you can emotionally heal from whatever you may be encountering in life.

Pink moss agate zodiac

Pink moss agate isn’t officially associated with a zodiac sign but it’s said to be associated with the zodiac sign, Sagittarius.  This is because it’s known as a soothing stone, often associated with this sign.

It’s also said to be closely connected with the Virgo zodiac sign, as these signs typically overthink and are often secluded personality wise.  Pink moss age can help a Virgo embrace spontaneity as well as boost their self esteem to strike a balance in life.

Is pink moss agate natural?

Moss agate can occur in many patterns, however, fake agate can exist.  While pink moss is natural, there are fake moss agate stones on the market.  Usually, your fake moss agate will have neon-like colors such as a very bright pink or neon blue, for example.  Fake moss agate is also opaque, which means when you hold it up to the light, you won’t see light shining through the other side.  Also, fake moss agate is made of cheap plastic/glass, which means it can scratch easily.  As long as the pink doesn’t look like a neon color, it should be natural if that’s your concern.

Where is pink moss agate found?

Moss agate, including pink moss agate, is mainly found in India, Brazil, Uruguay, central Europe as well as the United States.

Is pink moss agate rare?

Not really.  Most of what you find online in a store, such as a pink moss agate ring, pink moss agate tower or tumbled stone, will be very reasonably priced.  Most of your moss agate is readily available and shouldn’t cost you a fortune.

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