Pink Aventurine: Meaning, Benefits and More

Pink aventurine is a rarer variety of aventurine, which is famously known as a green stone.  Believe it or not, aventurine comes in virtually every color of the rainbow, often displaying a natural sparkle, which is caused by the mica inclusions.

It gets its name from the word, “aventura,” which means by chance.

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As with all pink colored stones, it’s known for being associated with love, but pink aventurine is much more than that.  It’s also associated with courage, hope as well as the need to be brave.

If you’re interested in purchasing it, you can find it in its raw form, as a tumbled stone, tower, bracelet or even a sphere.

Pink aventurine crystal meaning

Creativity:  This is a crystal that’s said to help awaken your creativity side, promoting a likely imagination.  It’s said that it may help with new ideas and enthusiasm, making it ideal for anyone who needs that creative edge.

Decision making:  It may be a crystal to consider if you’re looking to support your decision-making process.  It may help you see the best possible outcomes and then make the best choices with your true self.

Emotional healing:  Pink aventurine is mainly known for its ability to help soothe your heart as well as deal with emotional stress.  It’s ideal for anyone who may be dealing with complex emotions or needs encouragement for self love.

Harmony:  It’s said to help bring peace and harmony to your life, which is said to help soothe your mind and soul.  It may help promote a sense of well being, which can aid in your physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects.

Love and relationships:  Since it’s pink, it will resonate with loving energy.  Spiritualists state that it may be a wonderful crystal to attract love and also help you deal with any heartache.  It may promote a sense of peace, helping you deal with any relationships you’re struggling with.

Self discovery:  This crystal may encourage you to self reflect and discover your personal growth.  It can be a guide for anyone who’s trying to find their true purpose in life.

Pink aventurine spiritual meaning

Divine love:  This crystal is said to bring a very strong vibration of love, thought to open your heart to divine love, which can promote your understanding and acceptance.  Some even say it can attract good luck in these situations.

Higher heart chakra activation:  As it’s said that pink aventurine is connected with the higher heart chakra, it can help with your compassion and a deeper understanding of your spiritual nature.

Meditation:  This is a very popular crystal for meditation, as it’s said to help quiet your mind as well as enhance inner peace.

Spiritual awakening:  Pink aventurine may encourage your spiritual awakening and enlightenment, which simply means can help you become more attuned to your soul’s purpose and spiritual path.

Spiritual growth:  This crystal is commonly used for spiritual growth, as it’s said to help assist you with connecting to the higher realms as well as facilitate a deep meditation.

Is pink aventurine natural?

Yes, pink aventurine is 100% natural as it’s a form of quartz, which is one of the most common minerals found on Earth.  It will get its inclusions from mica, hematite and goethite, which will give it a sparkly effect, commonly referred to as aventurescence.  This pink color can range from something pale to something much deeper, but it will depend on the composition and impurities.

However, in comparison to most aventurine types, it will be one of the less common colors.  Green tends to be the most popular, but other colors exist as well, including blue and red.

It’s found all over the world, but primarily in Canada and Brazil.

Do note that dyed aventurine does exist on the market.  When purchasing, an ethical/honest seller should always tell you if it’s treated or not.

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Is pink aventurine rare?

As noted above, pink aventurine isn’t as common as its green counterpart, which tends to be the most readily available crystal.  While it’s not considered rare, per se, it’s not as widely available due to the less frequent occurrences in nature.

Pink aventurine affirmation

Feel free to personalize these affirmations to suit your needs and find one that resonates deeply with your personal experiences/goals.

  1. “I am open to giving and receiving unconditional love.”
  2. “I welcome peace and harmony into my life.”
  3. “My heart is healing, and I am surrounded by positive energy.”
  4. “I embrace my creativity and allow my imagination to guide me.”
  5. “Every decision I make aligns with my true self and my highest good.”
  6. “I am connected to the divine and welcome spiritual growth.”
  7. “I am balanced. My mind, body, and spirit are in perfect harmony.”
  8. “I am worthy of love and happiness, and I attract these qualities into my life effortlessly.”3

Metaphysical properties:

  • Associated Chakra: Heart
    Elements: Earth and Fire
    Numerology: 3
    Zodiac: Aries

How do you clean pink aventurine?

If you’re physically cleaning it, then mild soap and water will do just fine.   Gently scrub it with a softer cloth and brush away any residue/dirt.

If you’re talking about energetically cleansing it, then you can do so in a few ways, including:

Smudging: Use sage, Palo Santo, or other smudging herbs to cleanse your crystal. Light your smudge stick and pass your crystal through the smoke a few times. This is believed to cleanse negative energy.

Sound Healing: Use sound to cleanse your crystal. This can be from a singing bowl, tuning fork, or even a bell. The sound waves are believed to cleanse and recharge the crystal’s energy.

Moonlight or Sunlight: You can leave your Pink Aventurine in moonlight or sunlight to recharge. However, prolonged exposure to sunlight can fade the color of some crystals, so this method should be used cautiously.

Other Crystals: Some crystals, like Selenite and clear Quartz, are believed to cleanse and recharge other crystals. You can place your Pink Aventurine next to or on these crystals for a period of time to cleanse and recharge it.

After you cleanse it, it’s always a good idea to set your intentions by holding it in your hands and clearly stating what you want out of the crystal.

Pink aventurine benefits

  • promotes emotional healing
  • attracts love
  • may boost your creativity
  • aids in spiritual growth
  • said to bring harmony and balance to your life
  • encourages self discovery
  • supports your decision making

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