Peridot Meaning and Properties (updated guide)

Peridot is a fascinating gemstone, well-loved for its distinctive olive-green color. It’s formed deep within the Earth’s mantle and often brought to the surface by volcanic activity, which adds a bit of drama to its story.  This gem is made of the mineral olivine, and its unique green hue doesn’t change under artificial light, making it quite special.

Historically, peridot has been associated with light and protection, often used in ancient talismans. It’s also the birthstone for August, making it extra special for those born in that month.

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With its bright, vibrant color and interesting backstory, peridot is more than just a pretty gem – it’s a piece of Earth’s history.

In today’s guide, let’s explore everything peridot is and how you can intertwine it into your life.

Peridot crystal meaning (metaphysical properties)

Balances your emotions and mind:  If you’re born in August or celebrating your 16th wedding anniversary, peridot is your special gem. But, it’s more than just a birthstone or anniversary gift. Known as the stone of compassion, it’s believed to work wonders in your life.  Many see this gem as a way to bring good health, peaceful sleep, and harmony in your relationships. Ultimately, it’s a stone that balances your emotions and mind.

Sparks your creativity:  This gem is almost like a friend that brings out the best in you. It is said to spark your creativity, make you feel more eloquent, and even fill your life with joy and cheerfulness. And if that’s not enough, it’s said to attract love and soothe anger, bringing a breath of fresh air to everything around it.

Believed to chase away nightmares:  Throughout history, people have been fascinated by peridot’s metaphysical powers. There’s a legend that says when peridot is set in gold, it becomes a powerful talisman. In this form, it’s believed to chase away the scariest of nightmares and the most disturbing visions in the night.

Maintaining relationships:  Pliny the Elder, a great Roman thinker, claimed that you need to wear it on your right arm. Why? Because peridot shines like coal under lamplight, and this glow is thought to keep away frightening night visions. This gem isn’t just about warding off nightmares, as noted. It’s also seen as a powerful ally in maintaining and repairing friendships. It’s like a shield against jealousy and envy, keeping your relationships strong and healthy. And for those who believe, peridot offers protection from the evil eye.

Opening your heart:  It’s a gemstone that’s not just beautiful but also a source of light and positivity. Often known as the evening emerald, this stone is all about opening your heart and filling your life with joy. It encourages you to let go of anxieties, jealous thoughts, and helps guide you towards a brighter, more peaceful path.

Mood stabilizer:  Peridot is said to be a life-affirming gem that stabilizes your mood and encourages you to enjoy life’s beauty. It’s said to be particularly good at helping you shed negative emotions like jealousy, resentment, and spite. This gem invites you to release these burdens and approach the world with a lighter, purer heart. It washes away negativity, reducing stress and anxiety, and leaves you feeling as refreshed as stepping into the sunlight

Study enhancement:  It is also known as “The Study Stone” due to its ability to enhance focus. If you’re easily distracted or find it hard to concentrate, peridot could be a great ally. It provides the focus and energy you need to tackle challenging tasks, making it an excellent companion for academic pursuits. This gemstone ensures you stay on track, no matter how daunting the task ahead might be. So, if you’re facing a tough academic challenge, peridot might just be the secret weapon you need.

Peridot chakra association

Peridot plays a vital role in balancing life’s energies, and this stone is closely linked to two significant chakras: the heart chakra and the solar plexus chakra.

The solar plexus chakra is at the core of our being. It’s where we find our willpower, pleasure, and sense of self. When it’s off-balance, you might feel like you’re losing your way, lacking motivation, and watching life pass you by. Peridot may come to the rescue here, offering a burst of energy and direction, helping to clear and awaken this chakra.

Then there’s the heart chakra, the center of love and trust.

If it’s blocked, building meaningful relationships becomes tough, and you might find yourself trapped in jealousy and fear. Introducing peridot into your life can make a world of difference, allowing your heart to shine brightly and freely.

Peridot zodiac birthstone

Now, let’s talk about peridot as a zodiac birthstone.

Both Leo and Virgo signs share this beautiful gem.

As an August birthstone, peridot is like a slice of summer night sky, cool to the touch during the day but glowing warmly by night. Ruled by Mercury, it’s perfectly aligned with Virgo’s nature. Virgos, known for their kindness, creativity, and passion, sometimes struggle with being overly critical, especially when things are beyond their control. Peridot helps Virgos relax, let go of judgment, and open their hearts to love and understanding.

Leos also find a perfect companion in peridot.

Known for their warmth and charisma, Leos are natural leaders. However, they can sometimes be a bit possessive. Peridot helps balance this trait, encouraging Leos to embrace trust and build positive, fulfilling relationships. For both these zodiac signs, peridot is not just a stone; it’s a beacon of light, guiding them towards a more balanced and harmonious life.

How to use peridot

Home or office:  In your home or office, peridot can be a game-changer. It’s perfect for Feng Shui, bringing joy, compassion, and harmony. Born from volcanic intensity, this stone knows how to deal with strong emotions. It’s great for shared spaces, soaking up negative vibes and making everyone feel at ease. This could create a workplace where creativity and harmony flow freely.

Wearing it as jewelry:  Wearing peridot jewelry is a fantastic way to experience the stone’s benefits directly. When it touches your skin, you get all those healing vibes without any barriers. Peridot jewelry, especially bracelets, are not just pretty, but they are said to be fairly powerful. They stay close to your pulse, constantly sending positive intentions and changes through you.

Mix with other crystals:  If you’re looking to mix and match, peridot pairs well with other stones. Garnet, for instance, brings a fiery balance, while agate and topaz add their unique charm. Together, they create a symphony of healing and beauty.

Caring for your peridot

In general, this gem doesn’t like rough treatment. Avoid exposing it to drastic temperature changes.

As for cleaning, just a bit of warm, soapy water will do. Rinse off the soap and, for an extra energy boost, leave your peridot under the moonlight. This earth stone loves basking in natural elements like sunlight and moonlight.

By keeping it close to nature, you ensure it retains its sparkle and strength.

How to charge peridot

When it comes to recharging peridot, a gemstone known for its vibrant energy and healing properties, there are a few straightforward steps you can follow. It’s essential to regularly charge peridot to maintain its vitality and effectiveness.

Sunlight:  Firstly, it’s important to understand that peridot, like many gemstones, thrives on natural energy. One of the best methods to recharge peridot is to use sunlight. Simply place your peridot stone in direct sunlight for a few hours. This exposure to natural light helps to cleanse the stone and rejuvenate its energy. However, remember not to leave it out for too long, as excessive exposure might affect the stone’s color.

Moonlight:  Another effective way to charge peridot is by using moonlight, particularly during a full moon. The full moon’s light is believed to be potent for charging crystals. Just place your peridot outside or on a windowsill where it can bask in the moonlight overnight. This method not only charges the stone but also imbues it with a serene, lunar energy, which is great for stones associated with emotional healing and balance.

Placing it on a natural surface:  You can also charge peridot by placing it on the earth or a natural surface. This method connects the stone back to its natural origin and allows it to recharge from the earth’s energy. Burying it slightly in soil or placing it on a bed of natural crystals can be especially effective. If you’re doing this indoors, a pot of soil can work as a substitute.

Use sound:  Lastly, some people use sound to charge peridot. Gentle, resonant sounds from a singing bowl or bell can help to cleanse and recharge the stone. The vibrations from the sound are thought to realign the stone’s energy and restore its natural frequency.

How much does peridot cost?

When we talk about the cost of peridot, it’s quite an interesting topic because the price of this gemstone can vary a lot. It’s not like there’s a one-size-fits-all price tag on peridot.

The cost depends on several factors, such as the quality of the gemstone, its size, and where it comes from.

Starting with the basics, peridot is more affordable compared to many other gemstones. This is great news if you’re looking for something that’s both beautiful and won’t break the bank. You can find smaller peridot stones at very reasonable prices, sometimes as low as $50 to $125 per carat. These are perfect if you’re looking for something pretty but aren’t looking to spend a ton of money.

Now, if we’re talking about high-quality peridot, the price can go up quite a bit.

For top-notch stones that have a really vibrant green color and good clarity, for instance, you might be looking at prices ranging from $400 to $450 per carat. These are the kind of stones that catch the eye and are generally more sought after.

Size also plays a big role in determining the price of peridot.  Naturally, larger stones are more expensive. If you’re eyeing a large, high-quality peridot, it could cost you several hundred dollars. But remember, with gemstones, bigger doesn’t always mean better. A smaller stone with better color and clarity can be more valuable than a larger one with poorer qualities.

Lastly, the origin of the peridot can affect its price. Stones from certain locations, like those from Myanmar or Pakistan, are often considered more valuable. These regions are known for producing peridot with a particularly appealing green hue, which is a big plus in the gemstone world.

While you can find peridot at various price points, the cost really depends on what you’re looking for in terms of quality, size, and origin. Whether you’re after something modest or a real showstopper, there’s likely a peridot out there that fits your budget and taste.

History of peridot

Historically, peridot has had a fascinating journey. The ancient Egyptians called it the gem of the sun, treasuring it so much that it became their national gem. There’s even a twist in the tale of Cleopatra’s famed emeralds – historians now believe these were actually peridot stones from Egyptian mines.

The mystique of peridot extends to its mining history, too.

Topazo Island (now St. John’s Island) in the Egyptian Red Sea is where peridot was mined as early as 1500 B.C., and it wasn’t until 1905 that the island was rediscovered. The lore around its mining is equally intriguing, with tales of royal guards protecting the miners and their luminous peridot hauls that glowed in the dark.

Fast forward to the Middle Ages, and we see peridot making a mark in Europe. Emissaries returning from their travels would bring back peridot, which then found its way into church decorations and regal attire. In fact, what was once thought to be a large emerald in the shrine of the Three Holy Kings in Cologne’s cathedral turned out to be peridot, but peridot’s story isn’t just earthbound.

Incredibly, some peridots are from space, discovered in meteorites. In 1749, for instance, on a lonely hilltop in Siberia, a meteorite with  peridot crystals was found.

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