Ocean Jasper for Sale

Ocean Jasper Quick Notes

Ocean jasper, often described as a variety of orbicular jasper, is a unique natural stone that’s mainly mined in Madagascar. It’s known for its small spherical markings and various inclusions with a variety of colors, ranging from red to a yellow and gray. The colors shown vary depending on which mineral inclusion is present. For example, if red is seen, it’s from the hematite, whereas a shade of brown will come from goethite.

It was believed this stone was first found in the 1950s but it was mistakenly recorded as kabamby ocean jasper. However, as time went on, it was then rediscovered in the early 2000s in a remote location, only accessible by boat. Today, it’s said that most deposits that have been found have been mined out and no new deposits have been found since 2006.

Metaphysically, ocean jasper is said to help provide a calm yet uplifting energy. If you want an more optimistic look in life, it can provide clearer communication as well as help enhance your self confidence. It’s a stone of joy, which encourages you to think positively, which can help you relieve stress and tension.