Green Tourmaline Meanings and Crystal Properties

Green tourmaline, also known as Verdelite, is a lithium-rich boron silicate mineral from the tourmaline family.  It usually takes the shape of elongated rods or triangular/pyramidal crystals, and is often found with quartz just like other colored tourmaline.

It showcases hues ranging from deep emerald green to olive green, sometimes also displaying blue-green or brownish-green nuances, resembling that of a rare emerald stone.

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This mineral was discovered in Uno, Sweden by Johan August Arfwedson in 1818, and he was the first to discover lithium in any tourmaline, which was a major scientific achievement.

Green tourmaline crystal meaning

Calming energies:  It supports calming and finding solutions to potentially heal your emotional pain.  Healers say that it may help identify the root cause of emotional pain and aid in self healing.   This gemstone connects us to Earth’s healing powers and promotes heart balance.  It calms the mind, reduces the negative impact of the ego, and promotes constructive thinking and problem-solving.

Emotional healing:  Green tourmaline is often used to address emotional issues such as anger, depression, and anxiety.  It may restore balance during stressful times, calming anxiety and promoting a sense of peace.

Follow your heart:  It encourages you to follow your heart and desires, ultimately enhancing your focus.  Despite daily distractions, the stone helps you maintain focus and keep pushing forward.

Luck:  It’s said to attract luck, success, abundance, and prosperity.  The stone expands your heart chakra, transforming negative energies into positive ones, which may attract abundance and success.  When worn as jewelry, it’s believed to attract luck and wealth.

Masculine-like energies:  It has a masculine-yang energy that encourages active compassion and inspires action in the physical world.

Rejuvenation:  It’s thought to rejuvenate life force energy and warm the heart.  It may help in understanding emotions by enabling a connection with your emotional body.  Spiritualists note that green tourmaline has a happy and courageous energy, promoting openness and laughter.

Personal growth: Green tourmaline heightens awareness and may assist in your personal growth.  It fosters honest self-reflection and optimism for your future.

How is green tourmaline formed?

Tourmaline refers to 11 types of borosilicate minerals that come in every color of the rainbow. Silicate minerals will contain silicon and oxygen, forming a tetrahedron shape with a silicon atom at the center and oxygen atoms at the three corners.  These tetrahedra connect with other chemical structures in six different ways to form various minerals and rocks, subdivided into groups such as quartz and feldspar.

It forms when liquid magma from a volcanic eruption cools down and solidifies into igneous rocks. During the cooling process, borosilica acid transitions from a gas/liquid to a solid compound, creating tourmaline.  Most colors are found in pegmatite, which is a type of igneous rock that often forms underwater.

Opaque tourmalines are typically left natural and are enhanced only by cutting and polishing. Transparent pieces, however, can be heat-treated to enhance the color. For instance, a dark green tourmaline might be heat-treated to transform into a vivid emerald green. Such treatments are mainly prevalent in the fine gemstone jewelry industry.

Lab-created gems do exist but are generally used for research purposes and not widely available to the public.  Most of what you see on the market will be natural.

Tourmaline belongs to the cyclosilicate family, meaning that these minerals form closed rings of tetrahedra. All Tourmalines are borosilicates, which are cyclosilicates that contain boron.

Specifically, green tourmaline can be either dravite or elbaite tourmaline.

Green tourmaline spiritual meaning

This stone is believed to foster feelings of love and compassion towards others, all while helping you connect with your inner spirituality and expressing it.  Green tourmaline encourages focus and commitment, releasing self-doubt and enhancing confidence.

Green tourmaline chakra

Green tourmaline is a powerful stone for healing and balancing your chakras.

Acting as a root chakra stone, it’s said to resolve core issues, guiding individuals back to their path.

It’s also known for cleansing and aligning the heart chakra, as it fosters open communication between the heart and mind.  This can be said with any tourmaline stone.

Green tourmaline may aid in balancing the solar plexus and sacral chakras, bringing emotional balance and a sense of self-worth, and aiding in decision-making.  It encourages feelings of stability, serenity, balance, harmony, and strength.

Where is green tourmaline found?

All tourmaline is found on every continent, making tourmaline a common mineral,  however,  gem-quality crystals are rare, mostly found in Pegmatite formations. Various mines are specifically aimed at finding gem-quality tourmaline.

Even though green tourmaline was first discovered in Sweden, green tourmaline can also be found in large deposits in Brazil, Pakistan, Namibia, Afghanistan, and the United States.  Other notable deposits include Tanzania, Nepal, Myanmar and Madagascar, to name a few.

What are the different types of green tourmaline?

It comes in various shades and types, with differences often due to variations in mineral composition and formation processes.  Here are some types of green tourmaline:

  • Blue-green:  common variety of elbaite tourmaline that comes in a variety of colors, from pale blue to deep blue-green.
  • Cat’s Eye:  occurs in many colors but can be seen as green.
  • Chrome:  an intense green variety colored by chromium and vanadium, similar to the coloring agents in emeralds.
  • Dravite:  usually brown but it can be seen as green.
  • Elbaite:  most colorful type of tourmaline, which includes pink, red, green, blue, and multicolored specimens.
  • Paraiba:  rarest and most valuable tourmalines, known for their bright blue or blue-green color.
  • Watermelon:  characterized by a green exterior and a red (sometimes pink) interior, similar to a watermelon.
  • Yellow-green:  another variety of elbaite, which has a yellowish-green color.

Green tourmaline price

Green tourmaline, like most gemstones, will be prized based on the color, clarity, quality and where you purchase it.  Mostly, the color and clarity will affect the price.

With so many factors, you can expect to pay as little as $50 to more than $500+ for a higher quality piece.  Rarer forms, such as chrome tourmaline, can be much more.

Green tourmaline benefits

  • promotes balance and tranquility
  • can help with calming effects
  • said to bring luck and prosperity
  • could enhance your self esteem and confidence
  • balances and aligns your chakras
  • assists in decision-making
  • promotes a sense of groundedness, serenity, balance and harmony

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