Green Aragonite Crystal Meaning

Green aragonite is a unique crystal, known for its intricate and layered patterns.  It’s a naturally occurring form of calcium carbonite, usually found in caves as well as hot springs.  Its rich, special hues make it a great choice for collectors and healers alike.  Aside from its visual appeal, green aragonite is highly regarded as a power crystal, as it’s said to aid with emotional healing and grounding, to name a few.  In today’s post, let’s take a look at its metaphysical properties as well as answers to your common questions.

Green aragonite crystal meaning

Emotional healing:  This crystal is highly associated with emotional healing as well as balance, as it’s said to help release negative emotions, such as anxiety and anger.  This crystal may be able to help you promote feelings quite the opposite, such as love and compassion.

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Energy amplifying:  It’s said to be a great energy amplifier, helping boost the power of crystals in its vicinity.  This is said to help enhance the effectiveness of spiritual practices, such as meditation.

Environmental connection: The stunning green this aragonite presents often links it to Mother Earth and nature, which is said to help foster a stronger connection with the environment.

Grounding: Green aragonite is said to possess a strong grounding energy, which may be able to help anchor you.  In turn, this can give you a closer connection to the Earth as well as the natural surroundings.

Spiritual growth:  This unique crystal is also thought to stimulate spiritual growth by enhancing your intuition, insight as well as understanding yourself within.

Stress relief:  As it’s said to help with emotional healing, it may also help with stress relief, particularly having a great effect on your mind and body.  This could make for a great choice if you’re seeking relief from any stress.

Green aragonite benefits

  • grounding
  • emotional healing
  • stress relief
  • environmental connection
  • spiritual growth
  • energy amplification

Where is green aragonite found?

Green aragonite can be found all throughout the world, however, most notable locations include Morocco, Spain, Mexico, and the United States.  It won’t be as common of a variety as other aragonite clusters.  It will form in caves, hot springs and other mineral-rich environments with notable locations including the Tazouta region of Morocco, and the Aragon region of Spain, which lends its name to the mineral. In Mexico, it has been found in the Santa Eulalia Mining District in Chihuahua as well as some smaller deposits in Arizona.

What are the best ways to cleanse and charge green aragonite?

Cleansing and charging Green Aragonite, like other crystals, is important if you want to maintain its energy.  Here are a few ways you can consider cleansing your green aragonite:

Moonlight: One of the simplest ways to cleanse your crystals is simply by allowing your crystal to sit beneath the full moonlight.  The moon’s energy will help recharge your crystal.  Sit it outside or on a windowsill.

Running water:  You can gently rinse your crystal with lukewarm water for a few minutes to wash away any negative energy.  Try not to submerge your crystal as it may cause long-term damage.

Selenite:  Selenite is a great self-cleansing crystal that can help cleanse almost any crystal.  Just place your crystal on top for a few hours to cleanse.

Smudging:  Smudging with palo santo or sage can cleanse your green aragonite.  Light the smudge stick and allow the smoke to envelop the crystal.  In turn, this can help get rid of the negative energies.

Sound cleansing:  Some people swear by sound cleansing as this is said to create a vibration that clears away negative energy.  You will want to use a singing bowl as well as a tuning fork to create a specific vibration to restore the crystal’s natural energy.

Green aragonite birthstone

There’s no official birthstone, but it’s said to be for people born in May.

Green aragonite chakra

It’s green ray of color closely resonates with the heart chakra.  This is the fourth primary chakra which is located in the center of the chest, near the heart, and it’s responsible for love, compassion and empathy.  When you work with your heart chakra, this can help release negative emotions, promote self love as well as encourage emotional healing.

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