Garnierite for Sale

Garnierite Quick Notes

Garnierite, commonly referred to as green moonstone, is a type of serpentine that has a high nickel content. It’s the nickel that gives garnierite its unique green color. The heavier the nickel levels, the darker the green will be.

This is a crystal that was discovered many centuries ago in New Caledonia, which is French territory-owned island near Australia. Today, it is said that this island makes up for more than 10% of the world’s nickel content. Aside from being found on this island, it’s also mined elsewhere, such as Madagascar, Russia, France, China and even the United States. Each mine offers unique pieces with varying green hues.

Metaphysically, this crystal is known for its love and compassion. Aligned with the heart chakra, it can help you look deep within and give you the protection to avoid negative energies from the past. While mediating with it, carrying this stone may be able to help heal any mental wounds presented to you from trauma experiences you may have occurred.