Blue Aragonite vs. Caribbean Calcite

Blue aragonite and Caribbean calcite are two popular semi-precious gemstones that have recently gained popularity, mainly due to their crystal healing abilities.  Both are a striking blue color and are believed to possess a variety of metaphysical properties.

In today’s guide, we will explore the similarities as well as differences between these two gemstones, as well as their respective uses and benefits.

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What’s the difference between Caribbean calcite and blue aragonite?

Composition:  Caribbean calcite is a blend of blue calcite and aragonite, while blue aragonite is composed only of aragonite.  While both consist of calcium carbonate and they have the same chemical formula (CaCO3), what makes the two stones mainly different is the structure…

Structure: Caribbean Calcite has a trigonal crystal structure, which means that its crystal lattice is symmetrical with three axes of equal length that intersect at 120-degree angles.   This will give it unique properties, where light can pass through the stone and split in two ways.  Blue Aragonite, on the other hand, has an orthorhombic crystal structure, which means the crystal lattice is asymmetrical.  It will have three axes of unequal lengths that intersect at 90 degree angles.  Over time, aragonite can turn into calcite or when it’s heated.

Color:  Caribbean calcite will be more of a lighter blue color, however, it can come in a deeper blue, but it’s not as common.  Blue aragonite will come in various shades of blue, from a pale blue to something deep.  Both can display hues of brown and white with slight inclusions.  The blue, brown and white color you see in Caribbean calcite is where it gets it name from.

Hardness:  Both stones are soft, but aragonite will be slightly harder than calcite, scoring a 3.5-4 on the Mohs scale of hardness.  Remember that Caribbean calcite is blue calcite with aragonite inclusions.  If you’re unfamiliar with this scale, it determines how hard a stone is by measuring its scratch resistance.  The higher the number, the less susceptible it is to scratching.

Origin:  Both are formed when calcium-rich water will evaporate and then leaves the calcium behind.  Blue aragonite is mostly found in China, Mexico, Morocco and Austria, whereas Caribbean calcite is unique to Pakistan.

Texture:  Caribbean calcite will have a smoother, polished texture, whereas blue aragonite has a more rugged, raw feeling.

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Chakra association:  Caribbean calcite is closely associated with the throat chakra, as it’s said to help with your communication, whereas blue aragonite is closely associated with both the third eye and crown chakra.  The third eye is located between the eyebrows, often associated with intuition, intellect and the divine.  If activated, it’s said that you can see through illusions, aligning with the divine.

Metaphysical properties: While both are said to be similar stones, they do have similar properties.  Caribbean calcite is said to help with enhancing your communication, creativity and spiritual growth.  It’s even viewed as a calming stone that may be able to help with stress and anxiety.  Blue aragonite is thought to be related more with inner peace, relaxation and emotional stability.  It may be able to rise vibrational energies within, keeping you grounded and balancing your emotions.  Again, both are very similar in this regard with not much in differences.

Zodiac association:  Neither of these stones are “official” birthstones, however, some say that are associated with zodiac signs.  For blue aragonite, most associate it with the Capricorn zodiac sign because it’s said to be the power of nature, which can help you connect to mother earth.  As it’s seen as a grounding stone, this would make sense as it allows you to appreciate the beauty in life.  As for Caribbean calcite, it’s often associated with the Cancer sign, and this is because it’s mostly thought of as an “earth” stone, as it aligns with water.

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