Atlantisite Guide (Meanings and Properties)

Atlantisite is a relatively rare and unique crystal that combines two minerals: serpentine (green) and stichtite (purple).  It’s associated with the lost city of Atlantis and it’s believed that it carries ancient wisdom and knowledge.

As a powerful stone, it’s often referred to as Tasmanite, mostly because it was initially found in Tasmania, Australia.  What you find on the market will often range from a very pale green to something that’s much darker, similar to that of ivy with small purple spots due to the stichtite.  Pieces can be very unique.

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It was first discovered in the early 1900s and the name was invented by The Crystal Universe officer, Gerald Pauley.

Atlantisite meaning

Compassion:  It’s a crystal that is believed to help support emotional healing, fostering love, compassion, and forgiveness.  Some do believe it can help you enhance your sense of empathy and understanding toward others.  It can also help you understand different perspectives, particularly during disagreements.

Communication:  Atlantisite may sometimes be used as a stone of communication, which can help you express your feelings and ideas more effectively.

Insight:  It’s a stone of insight, which can help you become more introspective and explore your inner thoughts.

Meditation:  Atlantisite is widely used as a stone for meditation as it’s known for its calming and peaceful energies.  If you do meditate with it, you should place it either over your crown or heart chakra.  If you have two pieces, then it’s wise to place them on both to help you better understand your heart.  If used right, it may assist you in restoring balances, especially those getting out of control.

Peaceful:  As a very peaceful energy stone, it encourages a peaceful environment and is often meant to be used where conflict occurs.  Mainly, it’s peaceful due to aligning with the heart chakra.

Security:  It’s said to encourage feelings of security, helping you potentially establish personal boundaries as well as resist manipulation.

Atlantisite properties

Color: The stone is typically a blend of light to dark green like serpentine and lilac to purple like stichtite.

Cleavage: Atlantisite exhibits good cleavage in one direction.  This is a measure of how a mineral breaks along certain lines of weakness in its structure.

Crystal System: Both serpentine and stichtite have a monoclinic crystal system, which means the crystals have three unequal axes, with one axis not at right angles to the other two.

Hardness:  On the Mohs hardness scale, it ranges from 2.5 to 5.5, with stichtite being the softer component and serpentine being the harder one. This means it’s relatively soft compared to many other minerals.  The hardness greatly depends on the specific stone as inclusions will vary.

Luster: It typically has a waxy to resinous luster, which can provide a slight shine or glow when polished.

Transparency:  It is typically opaque, meaning it does not let light pass through.

Type: Atlantisite is a combination of two distinct minerals – green serpentine and purple stichtite.

Use in Jewelry: Due to its unique colors and patterns, Atlantisite is often used in jewelry such as pendants, bracelets, and earrings. However, due to its relative softness, care must be taken when wearing and storing jewelry to prevent scratches and damage.

Atlantisite spiritual meaning

Energy stimulations:  For spiritual growth, it’s sometimes used to help stimulate your kundalini energy as well as enhance your spiritual awareness and psychic abilities.  These nurturing energies are believed to help you care for yourself and others.

Past lives:  Spiritualists believe that this stone can help you access past lives and help you understand the patterns you experience today.

Transformation:  It’s sometimes used as a stone for spiritual transformation, as some people believe it can help you let go of old patterns and embrace new paths.

Atlantisite chakra

Its unique color combination is believed to balance the heart chakra, which comes from the serpentine), and the crown chakra, which comes from stichtite.

Both of these minerals combined are said to stimulate kundalini energy and stimulate both of these chakras at once.  Using this stone may awaken the dormant energies in this area, promoting a sense of compassion and understanding.

What are the benefits of atlantisite?

  • stimulate spiritual awareness and psychic abilities
  • said to foster love, compassion, forgiveness, and emotional resilience.
  • encourages feelings of security
  • used for its calming and soothing energies, promoting a peaceful state of mind and environment
  • helps you explore inner thoughts and provides insight
  • may assist in expressing feelings and ideas more effectively

Is atlantisite rare?

Yes, atlantisite is a relatively rare mineral as it’s only found in a remote area of western Tasmania, Australia, and is not widely distributed like many other types of minerals.  Because this is a specific combination of green serpentine and purple stichtite, it’s not commonly found, even in this remote area.  As a result, atlantisite is much harder to find compared to other stones; however, its rarity will depend on the current availability and demand in the markets.

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