Astrophyllite Crystal Meaning and Properties

Astrophyllite is a somewhat rare stone that forms golden blades that will radiate outwards just like a star.  Its name comes from the Greek word, astron, which means star, and phyllon, which means leaf.  It was first founded in 1844 by a mineralogist named Paul Christian Weibye and was then later named “Astrophyllite” by Carl Johan August Theodor Scheerer, who was able to describe its properties.

This is a popular stone for collectors, mainly for its metaphysical properties.  Mainly, you can find it as a tower, sphere, raw, or even in the form of jewelry such as a bracelet, beads and even rings.

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Astrophyllite meaning

Acceptance:  This is said to be a stone that’s closely associated with your past actions, mainly those you may have regretted.  It can help you focus more on the future rather than dwelling on the past.

Enlightenment:  This crystal is said to illuminate your darkest past, providing you insight on yourself, which may be able to help you lead to spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Grounding:  Astrophyllite is said to be the perfect grounding stone.  It’s said to help you stay calm in stressful/challenging situations.

Harmony:  This is a stone that is often associated with bringing harmony as well as balance to your life.  It may help you resolve conflicts as well as promote good relationships.

Intuition:  It’s believed that this stone may be able to increase your psychic abilities, which could help you better understand your life experiences.

Passion:  This is a passionate stone that is often linked to deep emotional connections.  This can rekindle the passion in relationships as well as foster honesty.

Progress:  Astrophyllite is a crystal that symbolizes progress and can help you with your journey throughout life.  It motivates change and encouragement for the future.

Protection:  Astrophyllite is said to be a protective stone, often thought to repel any negative energy which may be trying to enter your aura.

Self-discovery:  Astrophyllite is often referred to as the “stone of self-knowledge and self-acceptance.”  It’s said that those who wear it can uncover their true self and realize their life’s purpose.

Strength:  Some say it can help provide you with the strength to get through challenging times, particularly if you’re unsure where to go with your decision.

Transformation: Spiritualists note that this is a wonderful transformation stone, as it’s often utilized as a way to stimulate change, encouraging you to reach your full potential.

Astrophyllite crystal properties

Cleavage Astrophyllite will exhibit perfect cleavage, which simply means it can break along a flat plane.  Cleavage refers to when the crystal breaks off naturally to form a new face.

Composition:  Astrophyllite is a hydrous potassium iron titanium silicate mineral.

Color:  It will usually display a golden yellow-brown or bronze-like color.  It’s prized for its radiant, star-like patterns, which are caused by inclusions.  This is a stone that’s easy to identify in its raw form because you will see golden spikes that radiate outward.  If it’s tumbled, however, it will appear more of a milky white or light brown color, sometimes with bars of black or red on the interior.

Hardness:  On the Mohs hardness scale, it scores a 3.5, making it a somewhat soft stone.

Luster:  This stone will have a pearly or vitreous luster, which is the main reason it’s often used for jewelry pieces.

Structure:  Astrophyllite will have a uniquely bladed and radiating star structure.

Transparency:  Translucent, which allows light through but not fully transparent to opaque where no light comes through.

Astrophyllite crystal benefits

  • enlightenment
  • grounding
  • harmony
  • intuition
  • love and passion
  • protection
  • self awareness
  • transformation

Astrophyllite chakra

Astrophyllite will often be associated with a few chakras, mainly due to its powerful spiritual energy.  It’s thought to activate both the highest and lowest chakras, as well as integrating the energy centers in between.

For one, Astrophyllite is commonly associated with the third eye chakra, which is related to your intuition and insight.  As you already read, this stone is said to stimulate this chakra, which can enhance your inner vision, which can help you understand your life’s purpose.

It’s also said to correlate with your crown chakra, which is the energy center, often associated with your spiritual growth and enlightenment.  This is a crystal that’s believed to facilitate a stronger connection with the divine.

Some even say it’s associated with root chakra since it’s seen as a powerful grounding stone.  This is your energy center that’s related to grounding and stability.  It’s believed to help your grounding spiritual energy as well as allowing you to remain focused in the physical world.

Astrophyllite spiritual meaning

Astrophyllite, sometimes referred to as the gateway to the starts, carries a profound spiritual meaning in metaphysical circles.

For one, it’s thought to help aid you in self discovery as well as personal enlightenment.  It’s believed to help you accept and understand your true self.

It’s also said to be a stone that may be able to promote a deep cosmic connection, which can help link your physical self with celestial energies.  It’s considered to be a “bridge” between realms, which simply means it can help facilitate your communication and understanding of the universe.

Astrophyllite is also associated with personal transformation, as noted, and is believed to stimulate change as well as evolution, helping you reach your full potential.

Where is astrophyllite found?

Astrophyllite is only found throughout a few locations in the world when compared to other minerals.  It’s often formed in fissures or cracks in the Earth and must grow on the host rock.  When the conditions are just right, the crystal will look like a “spine” in a way, which makes it hard to mine without damaging the surface.

Deposits can be found in Russia, which is one of the most significant sources of astrophyllite, as well as Norway, Greenland, Canada and the United States.  These are mostly remote areas.

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