Arfvedsonite Crystal Meaning and Properties

Arfvedsonite was first discovered in Sweden in 1823, named after the Swedish chemist, Johan August Arfwedson.  This is a sodium amphibole mineral that’s usually found in granitic rocks, and it ranges from a dark blue color to an almost solid black.  It’s highly regarded for its pleochroism, which simply means it can show off different colors when viewed from various angles.  It’s commonly mistaken for Nuumite or Astrophyllite, but it is very different.

In the realm of the healing world, arfvedsonite is known for several meanings, all of which we will discuss below.

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Arfvedsonite stone meaning

Emotional healing:  Arfvedsonite is often associated with emotional healing, as it’s said to promote calmness as well as peace, which, in turn, may be able to help with your stress, anxiety as well as fear.

Manifestation:  It’s highly regarded as a fantastic manifestation stone, as it’s said to maybe bring your thoughts into reality.  It’s said to help enhance your focus, concentration as well as clarity of thought, which can help achieve any goals you put your mind to.

Positive energy:  This is a crystal that highly resonates with positive energies as noted.  It’s said to radiate positive vibes as well as dispel any negative energies that may be trying to enter your aura.  Some spiritualists believe this crystal can help transform negative situations into a positive one, which can create quite an optimistic outlook on life.

Spiritual awakening:  Arfvedsonite is commonly associated with spiritual awakening and growth, which means it can help you better understand and recognize the spiritual aspects of life.  Because of this, it’s highly regarded as a stone for meditation.

Arfvedsonite properties

Arfvedsonite is a rare mineral of the amphibole group, composed of sodium, iron, and silica.  Here are some key physical and chemical properties to note:

Chemical composition:  The chemical formula for arfvedsonite is [Na][Na2][(Fe2+4Fe3+)]Si8O22(OH)2. This formula simply means it contains sodium, iron, silicon, oxygen, and hydrogen.

Cleavage:  It will have perfect cleavage in two directions at 56 and 124 degrees, which is very typical of any mineral in the amphibole group.

Color:  Arfvedsonite is typically a darker blue to black, often with a metallic luster.  The crystals are long and slender, with the mineral exhibiting a strong pleochroism, which means it will change colors when viewed at different angles.

Crystal system:  Arfvedsonite crystallizes in the monoclinic crystal system, mainly forming prismatic crystals.

Hardness: Arfvedsonite scores a 5.5 to 6 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, which means it’s a relatively harder material.  The higher the number, the less susceptible to scratching it is.

Luster:  It will exhibit a vitreous to slightly metallic luster and most specimens will be opaque; however, the smaller splinters can be translucent.

Arfvedsonite benefits

  • promotes spiritual growth
  • radiates positivity
  • may enhance your psychic abilities
  • supports your emotional healing
  • aids in your manifestation

Where is arfvedsonite found?

Arfvedsonite is a very rare mineral, but small deposits have been throughout the world, most notably Greenland, the Kola Peninsula of Russia, Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec in Canada, Norway, Sweden as well as Colorado and Maine in the U.S.A.  Keep in mind that these deposits are very limited.

Arfvedsonite chakra

Arfvedsonite is mainly associated with the third eye and throat chakras.  The third eye chakra is located in the center of your forehead, known to be the center of your intuition and foresight, whereas the throat chakra is in the region of your throat, said to help with your communication.  While any arfvedsonite will work, healers note that if you have a blue flash stone, these are said to be more powerful than others, particularly for opening your throat chakra.  The more intense pieces will resonate more with your third eye chakra.

Arfvedsonite care

Since arfvedsonite is a relatively hard stone, caring for the stone isn’t as hard as it seems.

You can clean it with soapy water as well as a soft cloth or brush.  Just make sure that you avoid harsh chemicals or ultrasonic cleaners.  It’s also best to keep it away from high heat and sunlight.

As for charging and cleansing, it’s best to place it under the moonlight, burying it in the earth or even using sound vibrations from a singing bowl.  This is said to be a great way to recharge your crystals and get rid of any negative energy they may have.

Arfvedsonite price

The price of arfvedsonite will greatly depend on the type you’re looking to purchase.

If you want a raw piece of arfvedsonite, the prices can range from $15 to as much as $50, greatly depending on the size and quality.  Most pieces will only weigh a few ounces.

Tumbled and palm stones can often be in the same retail range, costing anywhere from $10 to $25, again, depending on the size.   Spheres can be double this, about $50 on average, but again, it will vary on some factors.

Lastly, arfvedsonite towers, sometimes referred to as points, can cost $15 to as much as $80+, greatly depending on the size.  The taller the tower, the more it can cost.

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