Ancestralite Crystal Meaning and Properties

Ancestralite is a variety of hematite sourced from deep within the earth’s crust.  Its deep silver/grey color, sometimes with red streaks, comes from the higher iron content, and the color will greatly depend on the iron within.  It’s considered to be one of the oldest stones and is known for its powerful ancient energy, mainly related to peace and balance.  If you were to shop for it, you will mainly find it as a jewelry piece, particularly beaded bracelets, pendants, or sometimes as a crystal sphere.

Mined from Brazil, it’s a lot different than most as it has a metallic, rugged-like feel to it in its raw form.

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While the stone is one of the oldest stones on earth, thought to be closer to three billion years old, it’s relatively new to the market since it was only discovered recently.  Today, spiritual healers and people who do yoga meditation are often drawn to it for its powers.  It’s a rarer stone, but as more people find deposits, you may see more hitting the market.  For now, it’s not as common as most crystals, unfortunately.

Ancestralite metaphysical properties

Stability: Ancestralite is a crystal that’s said to help provide stability as well as offer protection-like energy.  It’s one that you may want to consider if you want to explore your past, especially in times of instability.  It’s a stone that may be able to help you move forward without the guilt, as it may be able to remove your older feelings and experiences, giving you a boost of new energies.  Spiritualists believe this stone can help create both support and balance within.

Grounding:  Ancestralite is known as a grounding stone, which means you can “ground” your negative emotions, all while promoting your inner feeling.  Tied in with fearful thoughts, this stone may provide you with peace while being held.

Protection:  It can also act as a shield against all of the negative energies that may want to enter your aura.  As a balance between your negative and positive energies, this stone may help give way to more positive thoughts, even while motivating you to focus on personal growth.

Connect emotionally: As it’s a popular stone amongst yoga lovers, this stone may be able to help connect with you emotionally, giving you a closer feeling to the earth.

Ancestralite benefits

  • provides stability and protection
  • gives you a new sense of energy as it may be able to help you forget your past and clear your mind
  • strong grounding stone to help “ground” your negative energies
  • may act as a shield to protect you from negative energies
  • may connect you emotionally to the earth while meditating

Ancestralite chakra

Ancestralite is said to help stimulate your root chakra, as it’s seen as more of a grounding and stabilizing stone.  The root chakra is located at the base of your spine, and it provides you with a base and foundation for life. As this stone was found deep within the earth, it can make sense as to why it’s closely connected.  It can help you analyze your past, giving you a new feeling in life.  In turn, you can gain the strength to proceed forward.  It’s a crystal said to be closely connected to the earth, helping you feel stable when you’re stressed.

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