Amethyst with Hematite: What a Combo!

Amethyst with hematite is a combination of two minerals:  amethyst, which is a purple variety of quartz, and hematite, which is an iron oxide specimen.  These two minerals can occur naturally in some geological formations, or in some cases, intentionally combined.  Mainly, you can find it in jewelry making, such as bracelets, earrings or pendants.  You can even find it in its raw form as a cluster or sometimes shaped into smaller tumbled pieces.  It’s one of the few amethyst combinations with inclusions that are often sought after.

When the two are combined, they can create an interesting contrast of colors and textures.  The purple amethyst combined with the metallic luster of hematite can complement each other, creating a very visually appealing gemstone.  Combining the two not only creates an appealing crystal, but it may also enhance the metaphysical properties as well.

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Amethyst with hematite meaning

Amethyst with hematite, when combined, is said to enhance both stones.  Amethyst is known more as a calm and mindfulness crystal whereas hematite is more of a grounding and stabilizing stone.  Each crystal has a meaning, which is explained below.  This particular crystal can offer the best of both worlds.

Amethyst is a very popular crystal, mainly attributed to a few things, from its natural beauty to its metaphysical properties.  Amethyst may help your inner strength, intuition, as well as spirituality.  It’s said to be a healing stone that not only protects you from negative energies but allows you to grow spiritually as well.  Because it’s known more as a peaceful crystal, it may help bring you serenity throughout the day as well as help you sleep better at night.  Amethyst is associated with the Aquarius and Pisces sign as well as the crown and third eye chakra.

Hematite, on the other hand, is said to help absorb all of the negative energies from your body as well as your surrounding area.  Just like amethyst, it’s a protective stone, but it’s also said to help harmonize your mind.  Hematite is also said to help strengthen your confidence as well as dispel any worries or fears you may be encountering for the day.  If you’re looking for strong support or a more optimistic stone, it’s one to consider.  It’s highly connected to the root chakra as it keeps you grounded and may help reconnect your mind to the planet Earth.

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What does amethyst and hematite do?

Certain crystals, when combined, can work really well together.  That can be said about amethyst and hematite.

When combined, you may want to consider this stone for the following:

Amplifying your spiritual properties:  As noted, amethyst is more known for its spiritual properties and is said to help calm your mind, while hematite keeps you grounded.  When added together, it may amplify both of these properties, mainly helping you balance your body, spirit and mind.

Protection and grounding:  Hematite is more of a protective stone, as it’s said to help shield you from any negative energies, keeping you grounded to Earth.  When you combine amethyst with hematite, it’s believed to enhance the protective qualities, as amethyst is said to be a protective stone two.  Combining both can create the ultimate negative prevention shield.

Enhanced focus:  Hematite is said to clear the mind as well as enhance your focus, whereas amethyst is more of a crystal to clear your mind, which is said to help you make better decisions.  When you use the two together, this powerful combination can help you focus and clear your mind.

Strength:  Hematite is said to be a durable stone that brings you strength, whereas amethyst is said to focus more on your inner strength.  Together, it may help you overcome your obstacles, both physical and emotional.

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