Amethyst Flower Agate Meaning and Properties

Amethyst flower agate is a very rare crystal, known for its distinctive properties and look.  It’s from Madagascar and was found as of late in 2018, often manufactured into spheres and towers.  When mined, it’s often found alongside amethyst, so there are times when you will find a hybrid stone.  As it’s a popular stone, inventory is quickly diminishing so you may find it harder and harder to find it on the market.

Amethyst flower agate meaning

Softer energies:  It’s a softer, feminine energy, but don’t let this deter you as it has very powerful energies.

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Reduces stress:  Amethyst flower agate is a crystal that’s said to help reduce your stress and tension in life, providing you with a sense of calmness throughout life.  If you’re the type who often finds yourself filled with rage or even experiencing mood swings, it may provide you with the power to bring you a sense of peace.

Relaxes the mind:  It’s a crystal that can help relax your mind, all while allowing you to focus on tasks throughout the day.  It’s said to motivate you in tasks you desire as it may be able to give you that sense of purpose in life again.  If you feel you’re encountering a lot of obstacles, having this stone can help you live your life to its fullest potential.

Growth:  If you look closely at the flower agate itself, it almost looks like that of seeds of a flower, hence, the name.  These smaller-like seeds are said to help us envision our growth for the future.  It’s a friendly reminder to show us how far we have come to our dreams/realities.

Protective:  Like amethyst, it’s said to be a very protective and powerful stone, having been sought after for many years.  Amethyst, even when combined with flower agate, can stimulate your mind as well as your emotions, helping you center your emotional state.

Amethyst flower agate benefits

  • may help reduce stress and tension in life
  • opens and relaxes your mind, allowing you to focus on tasks
  • gives you a sense of purpose as it will increase your desire to achieve your dreams
  • giving you a feeling of joy, it may help give you more energy
  • the relaxing colors may help you relax more at night
  • ultimate manifesting stone to make your dreams come true
  • protective and powerful stone with amethyst properties

Amethyst flower agate chakra

The Amethyst flower agate is closely associated with the heart chakra, which is the chakra closely associated with joy and impulse.  It’s also a grounding stone that can help with your self growth and emotional balancing.

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