Amethyst Elestial 101 (meaning)

Amethyst Elestials are extremely rare and highly sought Amethyst crystals that are known for their intricate and complex growth pattern.  Its unique appearance is defined by multiple terminations and geometric patterns, often smoky in color.   Commonly referred to as the “All-Healer” crystal, mainly because of its powerful metaphysical properties, it’s known to help with emotional, spiritual, and physical healing.

Spiritualists believe that the amethyst elestials carry all of the wisdom and knowledge of the past into the present, and the information found within carries deep and profound healing for those who carry it.

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The purpose is to help restore your life, both physically and spiritually, to create a vision so that you can live the life you want.  Simply put, this powerful crystal may ignite a passion for life once again.

Amethyst elestial properties

Connection to higher realms:  Amethyst elestials are said to have higher vibrations than most crystals and may be able to help connect you with the higher realms as well as promote your spiritual growth.  It’s also believed to help with meditation and enhance your intuition.

Emotional healing:  These crystals are also said to help with your emotional healing, as they can give you a sense of calm and serenity.  As noted, it’s the “All Healer” crystal, which is believed to have a soothing effect on your emotions, mainly used to overcome emotional burdens.  Spiritualists note that it may help with anxiety, stress and even negative thoughts.

Personal growth:  Amethyst elestials are also said to help with your personal growth and transformation.  As it’s believed to help weave away any negative energies, it can help you focus on the positive aspects in your life.

Grounding:  Due to the higher vibrations, they can help ground you to the earth plane, which is an essential element to keep you balanced and strong.  Because of the smoky quartz, it makes it more of a grounding stone than that of amethyst.

Amethyst elestial benefits

  • high vibrations which may be able to help connect you with a higher realm
  • helps with emotional healing
  • creates a sense of calmness and serenity
  • wards away negative energies to help you transform yourself
  • keeps you balanced and strong as you’re connected to the earth

How is an amethyst elestial formed?

Amethyst elestials are formed through a complex process over hundreds of thousands of years.  Typically, you will find them growing deep underground in cavities where hot mineral-rich solutions were able to flow through the cracks and fissures in the rock.  As these cavities were able to cool and evaporate over the years, the solution was able to shape, giving the amethyst its intricate pattern of terminations as well as its unique shape.  As these crystals began to grow, it was often subject to pressure and stress from the surrounding rock, which caused the crystal to bend, resulting in the “elestial” appearance you see.

Naturally terminated over the entire body, these crystals can display layers of crystalline markings and etching, which is usually referred to as skeletal quartz because of this form.  If you ever find an amethyst elestial, it will mostly be smoky in color.

Mainly, you will find deposits in Brazil, but you can find them in other parts of the world, such as India and Namibia.

What are amethyst elestials?

Amethyst elestials, sometimes referred to as skeletal amethyst, are deep purple in color and feature “elestial” etchings on the sides as well as the phantom crystals seen inside.  These were formed when the crystal growth was interrupted over the years.  Picture it almost like a layer of an onion when you peel it.  Sometimes, when the last layer completes, you’re able to look into it, seeing throughout the layers within.  Depending on the amethyst elestial you have, some you may not be able to see through all the layers whereas others may allow you to do so.  This makes each one extremely unique.

As for the color, like amethyst, the minerals within, such as iron and other trace elements, will create the purple.  In this case, the intensity of the purple will depend on the impurities present as well as the conditions the crystal grew.  Usually, the deeper the purple, the more value it has.

To determine if it’s an “elestial” in general, you will have to look for the multiple terminations covering the crystal as well as look for patterns etched into the surface.

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