Amber Crystal Meaning, Uses and Properties

Amber is more than 30+ million years old and is a fossilized tree sap from prehistoric pine forests.  These pine trees were believed to release sap as a way to protect themselves from fungus and insect infestation.  As the sap releases, molecules crossed, creating a natural-like plastic.  In certain cases, amber can contain enclosed leaves, twigs, insects, hair and other organic matter, which can yield a higher price tag as this is deemed to be a rarer piece.  While amber is said to be a gemstone, it’s the origin of fossilized tree resin.  It takes its name from the ancient Greek word, which means sun — a good meaning, seeing amber reflects that of the sun rays hitting the ground.

Today, only a small amount of amber is used for jewelry, whereas most other amber is created into a natural-looking pressed form.  To determine if amber is real, you can simply place it in a glass of salt water.  If it floats, it’s natural, however, if you see it sink to the bottom, it has been synthesized.

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Most of the amber you find today will be located along the coastal waters, all around the world, from Poland and Germany to the United States.  However, it can also be found in seabeds, where it was buried hundreds of feet deep.  It’s mined in numerous ways, from being collected on beaches to dug up in open pits.  Commonly, you can find amber alongside coal.  Your largest mines today are found in Latvia, Siberia and the Dominican Republic.

Amber metaphysical properties

Protection: Mainly, amber is known as a stone of protection.  In fact, it was given to travelers historically as a way to help keep them safe while traveling.

Shield to negative energy:  Amber is said to help absorb any negative energies nearby, all while helping calm your nerves, creating a positive mindset.  Depending on the color of the amber you have, it will correspond with the chakra.  For example, a piece of yellow amber is said to activate the solar plexus chakra, whereas the gold and orange shades will stimulate the navel chakra.  In particular, these colors may help unblock your energy flow, restoring your sense of balance.

Powerful healer:  Spiritualists say amber is a very powerful healer, which may be able to alleviate stress and clear any negative thoughts.

Courage:  Historically, amber has been used for courage and even self confidence.  When warriors used it, they thought it would help bring luck to them while in battle.  In some cultures, amber is even used to celebrate the renewal of marriage vows, which assures the promise in marriage.  Touching upon the negative energies, this newly cleared mind may be able to promote your self confidence as well as give you a new sense of self expression.

Stimulation:  Amber is believed to help align the body, mind and spirit to potentially stimulate your body’s natural healing abilities.  It’s also said to help clear all of your chakras to create a shield of protection.

Amber crystal benefits

  • absorb the negative energies in your aura, calming your nerves
  • clears the mind and increases self confidence
  • gives courage in a situation
  • may bring you good luck
  • celebrates the renewal of marriage vows, acting as a “promise” in marriage
  • clears all of your chakras, creating a shield of protection

Amber stone chakra

Amber is closely associated with the second chakra, your sacral chakra.  This is said because amber may be able to help cleanse and clear it, as this gem, as you can see, is all about balancing and stability.  It’s also about creativity.  It is the sacra chakra where you can find your passion, sense of joy as well as spiritual connection to the planet.  If this chakra were to be blocked, then you may not have that creative drive, almost feeling empty inside.  This can lead to becoming insecure or even a sense of depression with life.  Fine tuning this chakra can hopefully give you that flame to make you feel passionate and creative once again in life.

Amber also influences your solar plexus, which is your source for personal power.  Amber is said to help stabilize this area, giving you that sense of centeredness.  It’s also able to get you connected deep within, boosting your transformation and confidence.

Amber Zodiac

The amber stone is the astrological birthstone for a Leo.  This is because the amber can match the bolder energy and warmth that a Leo often carries.  As amber is said to help fine tune your focus, it can keep one balanced and better equipped to manage their emotions.  In doing so, a Leo will be able to make quicker decisions without having to settle for a minute to figure out the details.  Also, since a Leo is considered to be a true leader, amber may be able to encourage them in this area as well.

Aside from Leo, amber may be an ideal sign for an Aquarius, too.  One main reason is that it can bring stability as well as “natural,” Earth-like energy.  Seeing amber is able to stimulate your creative senses, amber is a wonderful choice to match that of an Aquarius drive.  Because an Aquarius is often calm, amber may be able to help balance this emotion, keeping you grounded in place.

Amber stone spiritual meaning

When held in your hand, amber may be able to connect you to your highest self, allowing you to see how you can make positive changes in your life as well as the life of others.  It can also encourage you to become a confident individual, one who’s able to be spontaneous as well as someone who can make a difference in life.  As a wonderful manifestation stone, it may be able to give you the creative wit to make your dreams come true.  As long as you do the work, it could become a reality.

Amber colors

Amber comes in a variety of colors, all of which showcase different lights and refraction.  No two pieces of amber will ever look the same.  The color will greatly depend on the concentration of the gas bubbles found within the resin, but mainly, the most popular are yellow, orange and brown.  For example, honey amber will always have the smallest concentration whereas a dark brown piece will have the darkest.  If it’s real, the colors will vary due to the concentration in the gas as well as the other material fossilizes in the resin.

Yellow is the most common type of color, commonly found in the Baltics.  It’s the reason it’s referred to as “Baltic gold.”  It’s said to represent the sun and may be able to bring you good luck.

Orange is found mainly in Sicily, commonly referred to as Sicilian gold.  This represents fire and passion.

Brown amber comes from the Dominican Republic and is known as a Dominican amber.  It’s said to bring stability and security to your life.

Green amber is a rarer stone with its color coming from a concentration of algae found within the resin.  As of one of the rarest types of amber, the Green Baltic will get its color from the marshy environment it grew in.  This very green color is the main reason people think it brings good luck to anyone who carries it.

Black amber will get its darker color from the darker organic matter found within the stone.  This is another rarer type that can almost look like a cherry red if you were to hold it up to the sun.

Fake amber vs. real amber

To determine the difference between fake and genuine amber, you can do a few things.

First, let it be known that real amber is a very poor heat conductor, so it’s warmer to the touch than that of a plastic piece.

Another thing, as mentioned before, is that amber will always float in salt water.  Put some salt in the water and see if your amber floats.  If it does, you’re good as gold.

You can also rub your amber with wool, which will create a static charge. You can then place a piece of tissue near it, for example, to see if it sticks.

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