Amazonite vs Aquamarine: Compare the Two

Amazonite and aquamarine are two crystals that are often confused with one another, seeing both share a similar green tint.

Even though they may look similar in some circumstances, there are many differences to be aware of, including both appearance as well as metaphysical use.

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In today’s guide, let’s discuss the key differences between the two and how you can distinguish one from another.

What is the difference between aquamarine and amazonite?


First, let’s talk about the color between the two.

Amazonite will vary from a pale green to a turquoise, blue-like/yellow color.  Any green you see within the stone comes from lead impurities, which mostly gives it the color.  Now, a pure green color is extremely uncommon, and most of what you see on the market will be a blue-green variety; however, varying combinations of these colors can exist.   Some will have white stripes as well.

Aquamarine, unlike Amazonite, will get its color from iron impurities, rather than lead.  It’s more of a vibrant blue, which can range from a light to a deeper blue.  This color is going to vary because they are commonly heat treated.  Depending on the treatment, the tones will wildly vary.

Shape, Pattern and Clarity

Next, let’s look at the shape, pattern and clarity between the two.

Amazonite is more of a brittle stone that can range from translucent to opaque, which means how much light passes through.  Usually, it’s a cloudy appearance with the occasional black speck or white stripe on the surface.  The more light that passes through, the fewer inclusions you will se on the surface.  These fewer inclusions also mean that it’s worth more in value. Amazonite can come in many shapes and forms, ranging from a squarish shape to an oval.  Lastly, if you look closely at an amazonite stone, you will see that the luster is silkier than most green stones.

Aquamarine, on the other hand, has more of a glass-like appearance with slight inclusions within the stone.  Like amazonite, the fewer inclusions, the more it can be worth, as most want a flawless stone. Aquamarine is often oval or round, but it can be cut into any shape, most often as a carving or jewelry piece.


To determine any stone’s hardness, we have to look at the Mohs scale.  This is the scale that will determine how scratch resistant a stone is.  The higher the number, the less scratch resistant is.  An aquamarine is about an 8 on the Mohs scale, whereas amazonite is around a 6.  This means that an aquamarine could scratch an amazonite, however, an amazonite could not scratch an aquamarine.  Put simply, a higher number can always scratch a lower number on the scale.

Due to an amazonite’s hardness, it’s mostly used for jewelry, but seeing it’s a 6 on the Mohs scale, it should be used with delicate care.  Aquarmarine, as a harder stone, will be more durable in comparison to amazonite.

Chemical Composition

Amazonite is a microcline variety that is formed from the potassium feldspar grains in sedimentary rocks whereas aquamarine is a beryl aluminum silicate.

To determine the difference, amazonite will almost feel like a rock, whereas aquamarine will feel more like a gem.

What is the difference between aquamarine and amazonite metaphysically?

Amazonite is said to be a healer of emotions, said to help clear your mind and help reduce any worry you may be encountering.  Spiritualists also believe that you may be able to think more positively, all while balancing your body energies.  It’s often referred to as the stone of courage for this very reason.  When worn, it allows you to dig deep down inside to find the true self about yourself.

Aquamarine is said to bring happiness, courage as well as help you think more clearer.  It’s said to believe to bring foresight to those who wear it.  It also helps you go with the flow, all while helping you release anxiety and fear in situations.

Combining the two, however, may allow you to speak your truth as well as balance your yin and yang.

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