Agate Amethyst: What You Should Know

When you combine agate and amethyst together, you, of course, get agate amethyst, a very unique form of agate that is compromised of both agate and amethyst quartz.  Like most agate, the bands and patterns can vary greatly, making each piece very different. Common colors you will see when the two are combined can include blue, white and a lighter purple.

What is agate amethyst?

Agate is a member of the chalcedony group of stones, which is then part of the quartz family.  All types of quartz will come from silica, however, the crystal structures will vary, one of which is amethyst.  To tell the difference between the two when combined is that agate will have a banded pattern, one that you can often see through.  Amethyst, on the other hand, will be a varying purple color, from sometimes an almost pure white to a deep, dark purple.

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Put simply, amethyst and agate are made of the same things, per se, but the only difference is that amethyst will have a different crystalline structure and that the agate is amorphous, which means it lacks a clear structure or focus.

Agate amethyst is a very rare piece if you were to find one; however, if you do see one online or in a store, most are sourced from India, Brazil and Uruguay.  You may find them in other parts of the world as well.

Amethyst agate properties

Peace:  As it’s combined with both amethyst and agate, it will share many of the properties both amethyst and agate already hold.  Agate, for example, is known to bring peace, stability and balance to your life, but, depending on the color, it can offer even more benefits.  For example, brown agate is said to offer grounding and protection.

Clears your mind: Amethyst is said to help clear your mind, allowing you to focus as well as help you find your inspiration in life.  Like agate, there are varying colors/hues, many of which can offer varying properties.  For example, a lavender amethyst, which is a much lighter color, will offer a softer energy feeling than that of a darker amethyst color, such as your Uruguayan.

Grounding:  Bringing the two together, it can be said to be the perfect grounding and stabilizing stone.  It also offers inspiration for you to maybe connect deeper spirituality.  Amethyst agate is said to bring you peace and a sense of calmness wherever you may be.

Spiritual and emotional healing:  Amethyst agate is said to be a powerful crystal that can help with spiritual and emotional healing.  It may be able to help calm the mind, reduce stress, and promote relaxation.

Protection:  It’s also thought to help protect you from negative energies and psychic attacks.  It’s said to create an invisible protective shield, which may be able to prevent unwanted energies from entering your aura.

Amethyst agate charka

Like properties, both amethyst and agate share the same chakras, too.  Agates vary in many colors, as noted, so it’s important to note that they can resonate with almost every chakra.  For example, a brown agate may align with the root chakra due to the earthy tone.

Amethyst, on the other hand, often aligns with the higher chakras, such as your third eye and crown chakra.  This is because amethyst is known to be strongly tied to intellect and creativity.

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